This $15 Container Makes Perfect Pasta in the Microwave

Updated: Aug. 21, 2023

Perfect pasta dishes don't have to take hours. Say goodbye to boiling water and draining noodles—the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker provides perfect noodles with one simple tool.

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Eating home-cooked meals every weeknight is my spring goal, and it’s been…a struggle. Even though I appreciate the yummy results, using a multitude of pots and pans means more dishes—and that just isn’t appealing. Some nights, whipping up 30-minute pasta dishes is nothing. On other nights, waiting for water to boil takes all my willpower. Luckily, the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker offers a head start on all my favorite quick pasta recipes—no pans or colander required.

As someone who loves cooking and spends her nine-to-five testing cookware, dishes stack up fast. That said, I was a little skeptical of microwave cookware. After all, I use my microwave mostly to heat up leftovers or melt butter. Is it really possible to make non-mushy pasta in the microwave with this kitchen gadget? When offered the chance to test the Nordic Ware pasta cooker, I jumped at it. Anything that makes dinner easier is a win in my book.

What is the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker?

Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker Emily Way/Taste of Home

The Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker is a simple way to make one to four portions of pasta in a single container without the need to boil water or break out the colander. A specially designed container comes fitted with a tight lid. The ventilation holes in the lid make it easy to drain pasta right into the sink after cooking.

On the outside, the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker resembles a more durable Tupperware container with ventilation slots in the lid. Take off the lid and find wave-like dips and valleys in the bottom of the container. Add dry pasta and water, then pop it in the microwave to cook up macaroni, spaghetti or fettuccini noodles in minutes.

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How to Make Pasta in the Microwave

Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker Emily Way/Taste of Home

As instructed, I washed the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker prior to use. After that, the first step is to add the pasta. Because the lid includes a handy set of circles that measures out up to two portions of dry spaghetti noodles, I chose to use whole wheat spaghetti noodles to test the cooker. Two portions ended up being a full box of pasta.

Although there aren’t markings along the interior to indicate how much water to add, the instructions state not to add water past the “maximum fill” line. There wasn’t a specific instruction for the amount of water to add, so I poured in enough cold tap water to cover all the noodles, being sure to stay well below the maximum fill line.

I popped the Nordic Ware pasta cooker in the microwave without the lid. While the lid is microwave safe, it’s not necessary to cook the noodles. The instructions didn’t give me a lot of guidance on the cooking time, just mentioning to cook the pasta according to the box’s instructions. At the bottom of the instructions were approximate cooking times for spaghetti, so I went by this table and microwaved my noodles on high for 13 minutes.

The results? Even my healthy whole-wheat spaghetti looked appetizing! Using my oven mitts, I pulled the container out, then I secured the lid dome side up. I grabbed the handles firmly and flipped the cooker over to drain the water. Most of the water cooked off, but a little water did trickle out of the cooker and down my drain easily.

As for the taste, the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker exceeded my expectations. The pasta wasn’t overdone or mushy at all, but those who prefer al dente should slash a few minutes from the cooking time. For my needs, 13 minutes was just fine for two servings of spaghetti.


  • Circles inside of lid measure out portions of long dry pasta like spaghetti
  • Instructions printed on the inside of the lid
  • Drain holes in the top of the lid eliminate the need for a colander
  • Lid and container are both dishwasher-safe
  • Doesn’t require a stove
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit bulky
  • Handles get very hot after cooking
  • Might not work on freshly made pasta
  • Doesn’t include water measurements or cooking times

Final Verdict

Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker Emily Way/Taste of Home

Because this is a new product, there aren’t many reviews on the Nordic Ware pasta cooker. Still, I am thoroughly impressed with the results. I plan to use the cooker again the next time I’m craving a pasta dish. Not only does it make pasta faster than it takes to wait for the water to boil on the stove, but it also eliminates the need for tons of dishes. For those tight on time like me, it’s a win-win.

The Nordic Ware microwave pasta maker takes up little space when compared to pots and pans. It’s a good choice for those with limited storage. Those without stoves—like college students—can add ingredients like cheese and sauce right to the cooker for a complete dinner.

Where can I buy the Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker?

Pasta Microwave Cooker Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

The Nordic Ware microwave pasta cooker retails for around $15. Other microwave cookware brands retail for up to $50, making the Nordic Ware option an inexpensive choice. Know a high school graduate who’s off to college, someone who prefers easy meals or a home cook that’s sick of wasting several dishes on pasta? Pick a second up for them, too.

Aside from the pasta cooker, Nordic Ware offers a full line of other microwave cookware options that tackle almost any dish.

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