11 Pasta-Making Tools to Help You Become a Pasta Pro

Updated: May 13, 2022

Whip up a (double) batch of homemade pasta with the help of these pasta-making tools.

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 Imperia Pasta Maker Machine
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Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

This pasta maker will give you perfectly consistent pasta sheets at a reasonable cost. The pasta maker comes with a two-sided cutter for spaghetti and wide fettuccine cuts, and additional pasta cutters can be purchased separately. If you’re new to the art of pasta making, take a look at our guide to homemade pasta.

Why it made our list: This pasta maker has serious staying power. Taste of Home’s Deputy Editor of Food, James Schend, inherited his mother’s model and it’s still going strong after almost 50 years!

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kitchenaid-3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set
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KitchenAid Pasta Roller & Cutter Set

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, you might want to pick up this handy pasta attachment. The set comes with a roller that flattens pasta with adjustable thickness, a spaghetti cutter and a fettuccine cutter. Here are some more KitchenAid attachments that will change your life.

Why it made our list: This attachment set lets you get as hands-off as you can with homemade pasta.

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Marble Pastry Board

Keep your dough from sticking to your counters and make pasta cutting simple with a marble pastry board. The cool-to-the-touch surface acts as a buffer to pasta dough, meaning you don’t have to douse your surface with flour. Make sure you know how to clean marble boards correctly.

Why it made our list: The large surface area lets you roll out as much pasta as you’d like. Plus, it’s gorgeous.

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Acacia Pasta Drying Rack
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Pasta Drying Rack

If you’re making a double portion of pasta, a pasta rack is a must. This drying rack has 8 spokes, so it can dry lots of homemade pasta at once. While it’s drying, think about what sauce to pair it with. These are our favorite homemade pasta sauces.

Why it made our list: The sturdy acacia wood frame only needs a wipe with a damp towel to get clean.

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OXO 11176800 Good Grips 11 Lb Glass Scale
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Kitchen Scale

Ensure all of your homemade pasta ingredients are in perfect proportion with a kitchen scale. OXO’s kitchen scale measures in ounces and grams, and the bright display makes reading easy, even if it’s covered in flour. If you’re not convinced, read these 4 definitive reasons why you need a scale in your kitchen.

Why it made our list: The display slides in and out of the scale to make storage a breeze.

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Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper
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Dough Scraper

Whenever you’re working with a lot of flour, you’ll want to grab a dough scraper. It will help you gather and section your dough out without getting bits and pieces stuck to your fingers. Check out some of our best homemade pasta recipes.

Why it made our list: The rounded handle of Norpro’s dough scraper makes it easy to hold while you’re cutting dough.

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Ravioli Pan

Shape, fill and cut ravioli cleanly with the help of this pan and rolling pin duo. Simply lay a pasta sheet over the pan, press the dough into the pan’s divots, add filling, place another sheet of pasta over the filling and use the roll to cut the pasta layers. Easy peasy.

Why it made our list: Thanks to this pan, you’ll get evenly filled and evenly sized ravioli every time.

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Specialty 12 Quart Multi Cooker
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12-Quart Multi-Cooker

Make sure your pasta has plenty of room to cook with this 12-quart pot. The 4-piece set comes with the pot, a lid, a steam basket and a pasta basket, which means you can just lift the insert to remove the pasta, rather than carry the pot of boiling water to the sink to drain. By the way, did you know Taste of Home has its own cookware line?

Why it made our list: The steel handles stay cool while you’re cooking so there won’t be any burned hands.

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Pasta Server

Transfer your homemade pasta from a serving dish to your bowl with this deep, stainless steel pasta server. The hook at the end of the handle keeps it from sliding off the side of your serving bowl and makes the spoon convenient to store. Do you know the names of these pasta shapes?

Why it made our list: The hole in the middle of this spoon has two purposes: to drain water from cooked pasta and perfectly measures a single serving of dry spaghetti or linguine.

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 Williams Sonoma Bistro Pasta Bowl,
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Pasta Bowls

When it comes to a pasta dinner, the bigger the better. These French bistro-inspired pasta bowls have a wide bottom and low walls so you can fill ‘er up good.

Why it made our list: Style, meet functional. These bowls are microwave and dishwasher-safe, too!

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Multiple bottles of wine

Italian Wine

Last but not least, grab a bottle of Italian wine. Whether you prefer a light white wine, full-bodied red or sweet sparkling wine, pour yourself a tall glass. Not sure which type to go with? This guide will help your Italian dinner with the perfect wine.

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