These ADORABLE Disney Pumpkins Put the Magic in Halloween

Forget the carving this year. You can opt for some Disney magic instead!

Didn’t you hear? Carving pumpkins is so last year. Of course, we all love a classic Jack-o’-Lantern, but doesn’t this feel like the kind of year to start switching it up a bit? While some people have begun painting their pumpkins purple to help keep trick-or-treaters safe this year, there’s another kind of pumpkin painting going on, too…you know, like Disney pumpkins!

These Instagram artists got extra creative this year with characters and scenes from your favorite Disney flicks. Warning: what you’re about to see will be very magical.

We’re Head Over Heels for These Pumpkins

When we say “Disney pumpkins”, we don’t just mean some Mickey Mouse ears thrown onto a regular orange pumpkin (although that would also be super cute). We mean full-on, intricate, detailed Disney character paintings that will surely have you thinking, “Wow, I need to do that!”

Some are soft, whimsical and full of pure magic. Who wouldn’t want a glittery poison apple out on their porch, or a real-life pumpkin-turned-princess-carriage?

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The Nightmare Before Christmas characters like Jack, Sally and the Mayor are total Halloween givens, and definitely deserve the spotlight. What’s better is you can repurpose any Jack Skellington pumpkin with a little Christmas flair. (By the way, Starbucks is selling a Jack Skellington Frappuccino so you can indulge in nostalgia and a spooky-good sipper.)

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And then, there are the pumpkins that reference some of our favorite Disney characters. Who wouldn’t want an Ursula pumpkin outside their door, or an adorable Scar to greet fellow villains? The talent is unbelievable, and we just can’t get enough!

How to Paint Your Own

Now that we’ve shown you all these great inspiration pieces, time to paint one yourself! Halloween is the perfect time of the year to get as creative as you want.

Think you can make a super-sweet Dumbo? Go for it! How about a portrait of Peter Pan flying through the sky with Wendy, Michael and John? We love it! The possibilities are endless. All you need is faith, trust, a little bit of pixie dust and these Disney Halloween recipes. (Y’know, in case you get hungry.)

Indulge in Disney at Home with These Copycat Recipes
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