Disney Just Shared a Bunch of Its Halloween Recipes, Because We’re Halfway to October 31

Disney knows it's always Halloween in our hearts.

You know it’s Halloween when eerie sounds and smoke machines start haunting every place in town, and the smells of apple and pumpkin surround you. But it’s not October yet, right? Even with the odd passing of time we’ve all been experiencing, unfortunately, it’s only halfway to spooky season.

That won’t stop Disney from indulging us with tricky treats, though! The Disney Parks blog has officially released some delicious halfway to Halloween recipes to hold us over until October 31.

6 Recipes for Disney’s Halloween Food

Disney loves to surprise us, whether it’s with a fireworks show or recipes for their beloved dishes, like Dole whip, Mickey Mouse beignets and churros. This time, Disney has graced us with some famous fall recipes!

The Disney Parks blog has six of their fall favorites for you to try at home:

Pumpkin Twists

Disney Pumpkin twistsCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
You can find pumpkin twists at Maurice’s Treats in Disneyland.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Disney Pumpkin PancakesCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
People are obsessed with the pumpkin pancakes, usually served at Kona Cafe on the grounds of Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Pumpkin Soup

Disney Pumpkin soupCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
This recipe for pumpkin soup is straight from Sunshine Seasons at Epcot.

Jack Skellington Cookies

Disney halloween cookiesCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
These are nearly identical to the Jack Skellington sugar cookies served at Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom!

Pumpkin Bars

Disney pumpkin barsCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
Have you had the pumpkin bars from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts? YUM.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Disney pumpkin creme bruleeCourtesy The Walt Disney Company
You can usually find the Pumpkin Creme Brulee in Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs.

Just looking at all of this makes us want to run around in a pumpkin patch.

How to Create a Disney Halloween at Home

Although these Disney recipes may not sport the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, they’re filled with that magical fantasy we all know and love. Let these recipes fill your house with fall smells by trying them in your own kitchen. You could even play some of Disney’s haunting tunes to get you in the right mindset. We’re ready to be grim, grinning ghosts!

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