20 Adult Slumber Party Ideas for the Perfect Night In

Updated: Feb. 13, 2024

Sleepovers needn't be a thing of the past! These adult slumber party ideas will make you and your pals want to break out your pajamas ASAP.

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As a child, slumber parties are the pinnacle of the social calendar. So we say, why stop then?! Grownups should be able to get together to snack, chat, watch movies and snooze in unison, too! Whether you’re on a weekend getaway with friends or just funning up a free Friday night, there’s so much to do to stay entertained.

And because we’re all kids at heart, you’ll see a lot of the childhood classics make the cut. Yes, that means putting cucumber slices on your eyes is still totally acceptable.

Adult Slumber Party Ideas

1. Put away your phones

First things first, lose your cells. No need for scrolling when you’re with your besties! The night will be so much more fun if everyone is phone-less and present. If desired, designate one person to keep their phone out for taking selfies and ordering food.

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2. Sport matching pajama sets

Young Women at Sleepover PartyDragonImages/Getty Images

The easiest way to make your sleepover feel special? Coordinating jammies! If splurging on full sets seems like a bit much, make or buy matching tees, socks or even sleep masks. The unofficial uniform of the night will make for super-fun photos and ensures everyone will remember the night for years to come. Check out these engagement party games, a marriage of fun and friendly competition!

3. Turn on some tunes

If you have time to spare before guests arrive, curate your very own sleepover playlist. Hits from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s that everyone can scream-sing to are a must. Dig out CDs for some serious Y2K nostalgia or look to a pre-made playlist for music on the quick. Check out our ultimate sleepover checklist to ensure you have fun all night.

4. Build a board (or three!)

Breakfast BoardTMB studio

Butter boards, charcuterie boards, dessert boards—boards are basically all anyone is talking about these days. And we get it! Grazing is great. Tap into the trend by creating a board as an appetizer, an after-dinner treat or even a breakfast spread for the next morning.

5. Order takeout

Pizza might have cut it in the past, but it’s time to go all out, grown-up style! Call up your favorite restaurant, whether it’s a sushi place, a steakhouse or a taco joint, and order a serious spread for your squad. Hey, that’s what food-delivery services are for!

6. Do a wine tasting

There are a couple ways to execute an at-home wine tasting, but we say the most fun way is a blind taste-test. Have everyone bring their favorite white or red wine, then conceal the bottles by placing each in a bag. Serve them up and rank them any way you like.

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7. Stir up cozy sippers

Hot drink cocktail for New Year, Christmas, winter or autumn holidays. Toddy. Mulled pear cider or spiced tea or grog with lemon, pear, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, rosemary.ivandzyuba/Getty Images

If your group isn’t into wine or you just want some nonalcoholic options, make a big batch of your favorite warm beverage. Mugs of slow-cooked apple cider, luscious chai or our Hot Almond N Cream Drink are the best pairing with all the bad-in-a-good-way movies you’re about to binge.

8. Munch on a snack mix

Buttered popcorn feeling a bit tired? Level up the snack by stirring in some mix-ins. For something sweet, go for our Chocolate-Mint Popcorn with Junior Mints. If you’re craving savory, try our Nacho Popcorn with Parmesan, hot pepper sauce, parsley, garlic salt and chili powder.

9. Set up a nest

Your setup needn’t have four walls and a ceiling like your blanket forts of yesteryear, but cuddling up under a comforter and quilts is an ageless activity. Move your coffee table and inflate an air mattress in its place so it butts up against the couch. Pile on the blankets and line the base of the couch with pillows for the ultimate movie-watching experience.

10. Make face masks

Woman looking at friend spreading cream with fingersKlaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Pampering yourself will always be a pivotal part of the sleepover ritual. For a fun DIY, stir together a face mask, such as an avocado- or coconut-based one. Most of the concoctions have just a couple ingredients, all of which are available at any typical grocery or drugstore. And yes, now would be the time to pull out the cukes, too!

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11. Nail some fun nail art

Let the spa experience continue with manicures or pedicures. Shortcut products, such as nail stickers, make salon-quality final results easier than ever to achieve. If you’re extra serious about your relaxation, heat damp towels in your slow-cooker and even dip your hands into paraffin wax with this gadget.

12. Craft to your heart’s content

DIY whatever you like! Decoupage wine bottle vases, tie-dye canvas totes, paint coasters, create fleece tie blankets, make earrings or bracelets, or try something from our Handmade Outdoor Crafts book. Supplies can get pricey, so purchase everything ahead of time, then split the cost with the group. They’ll be delighted to have a souvenir that lasts a whole lot longer than the sleepover.

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13. Have a movie marathon

Whether you’re watching the whole Twilight franchise from start to finish, your favorite lovey-dovey Nora Ephron films or a selection of scary movies, you can’t go wrong. Make sure you’ve come to an agreement before the slumber party commences so you don’t waste any time weighing what to watch.

14. Play board or card games

Leave Candyland and UNO to the youngins. There’s an ever-growing selection of adult-friendly party games, such as Priorities, What Do You Meme? and Wavelength. Get ready to learn a lot about each other—and laugh harder than you have in a while with these sleepover games.

15. Make cookies…or cookie dough

Colorful icing cookies in cupcake shapeTorriPhoto/Getty Images

There are so many options here. Store-bought cookie dough definitely does the trick. Or you could opt for homemade cookies. We’ve deemed our Big & Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies the best ever. And if you’re partial to eating the dough, try these cookie dough truffles, chocolate chip dip or straight-up safe-to-eat dough.

16. Lean into astrology

Let the magic of your favorite teen mag’s horoscope page make a comeback at your slumber party. Read your horoscopes on any number of phone applications or websites, such as Co-Star. And if you don’t know much about astrology, take the time to learn your sun, moon and rising signs, then go from there. They each reveal a different thing about you.

17. Take a personality test

Learn more about yourself and each other by taking a personality quiz. Find one in a magazine like the old days, or try the popular Enneagram personality test and discover your personality type.

18. Sort out the sleeping situation

Let’s face it: Sleeping on the floor just doesn’t fly like it did when we were kids. Make sure everyone has an air mattress, bed or couch to sleep on. (Have you seen this giant bean bag that turns into a bed?) Don’t hesitate to ask friends to bring their own air mattresses if yours are all in use. Trust us—they’ll appreciate the good night of sleep.

19. Program a pot of coffee

The last thing to do before bed? Turn on the timer of your coffee maker so there’s some steaming-hot java ready for you all in the morning. Stock up on creamers, sugar and milk so everyone can make it their way. (Psst: This milk frother is a game-changer.)

20. Sleep!

Pulling an all-nighter might have been the endgame for childhood sleepovers, but we could all use some extra z’s in this phase of life. Don’t stay up too late, and in the morning, there are absolutely no alarms allowed! An essential part of a restful and relaxing night off (and in!) is actually, well, resting. You’ll thank us tomorrow.