10 Engagement Party Games that Will Have Your Heart

These engagement party games are a marriage of fun and friendly competition!

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Guarantee that your engagement party is all fun and games with these simple, do-it-yourself activities. Some are riffs on childhood favorites and others are adult-oriented contests. Either way, everyone will be saying “I do” when asked if they want to play.

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Pin the Bowtie on the Groom

Mirroring the childhood favorite of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this activity entails blindfolding participants, spinning them around in circles, then having them attempt to accurately tack a paper bowtie to a poster of a groom. Bonus points if the poster of the groom is an actual image of the husband-to-be and not merely a stock photo.

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Musical Chairs

Grab some chairs and crank up Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be,” The Dixie Cups’ “Chapel of Love” and more! The kiddie game is newfound fun when paired with lovey-dovey songs, all your favorite people and a couple of drinks.

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The Nearly Newlywed Game

As an ode to the old-school gameshow, quiz the guests of honor in front of the whole gang to see just how well they know each other. Ask questions such as “Who’s your partner’s celebrity crush?” or “What’s your partner’s favorite restaurant?,” then have them write down their answers on hand-held whiteboards for all to see.

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Champagne Pong

Planning to pop some bottles? This game should be your pick. Although you can find store-bought Prosecco Pong online, you can also DIY! Just buy plastic coupe glasses and official beer-pong balls, and get to tossin’! Feel free to fill the cups with sparkling wine or keep things simple with water.

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Ring Toss

It’s in the name! Need we explain further? Place gold and silver spray-painted glass bottles in a milk crate, then have partygoers toss wooden craft rings at them with the aim of landing as many rings around the bottles’ necks as possible.

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No matter what, charades is the quintessential party game. Play standard charades for a guaranteed good time or lean into the theme of the occasion with cards that include wedding-centric movies (e.g., 27 Dresses or My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and songs (e.g., “White Wedding” by Billy Idol or “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift), as well as phrases and traditions (e.g., bouquet toss, ring bearer, etc.).

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Bridal Bingo

As guests arrive, have them grab a pencil and bingo board to keep with them throughout the celebration. Fill out squares beforehand with lighthearted and fun party-related prompts, as one might do before watching an awards show or episode of reality TV, and then people can check off the boxes as they go. Some ideas: “Someone happy-cries,” “the couple kisses,” “the bride shows off her engagement ring.”

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Tie-the-Knot Trivia

Put together a worksheet of trivia questions for everyone—or every table—to answer during the sit-down portion of the party. Customize the questions to the couple (e.g., “When did the couple begin dating?”) or focus on pop culture and general knowledge (e.g., “How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married?”). Give the winning player(s) a bottle of champagne or some other goodie by which to remember the victory.

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Guess Who?

If you have a tight-knit crew, this is the game for you! Buy the classic Guess Who? game, then replace the supplied illustrated face cards with printed images of your 24 closest friends and family. Vague questions like “Does this person have blue eyes?” are quickly swapped out for more fun, personalized questions, such as “Is this person taller than the groom?” or “Did this person go to school with the bride?”

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One-Word-At-A-Time Toast

In the classic improvisational theater game, the group goes around in a circle and weaves a tale word by word. Instead, have your squad craft a toast, one word at a time, for the happy couple. Then, of course, raise your glass and take a sip of sparkling wine once each group speech has concluded. This exercise isn’t always PG, but hilarity is sure to ensue.

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