7 Ways to Decorate Mini Champagne Bottles

Updated: Mar. 20, 2019

Pop! Fizz! Clink! We love to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. Share the love and the festive spirit with some unique ways to decorate mini champagne bottles—perfect for gifting.

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How to Dress Up Mini Champagne Bottles

What’s more festive than a glass of champagne? This sparkling wine is just the thing to celebrate the holidays, special occasions or even just some great news. When you want to share the love (and the fizz), champagne—especially mini champagne bottles—always makes a great gift. But why gift bubbly in a boring wine bag? We’ll show you seven fun ways that you can dress up champagne for your best gifts ever.

Looking for a good brand for your next gift? We’ve got some recommendations for you!

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Compact Party

Champagne is the quintessential party beverage. Something about popping a bottle (even a mini one!) open just seems celebratory. So why not package that party up as a cute gift? For this mini champagne craft, just pack your favorite brand into a clear bag, fill with a sprinkling of confetti and seal with sparkly washi tape.

When your friends open this mini party, they’ll be in the mood to celebrate—maybe even with one of our favorite champagne cocktails.

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The Perfect Pair

What goes together better than orange juice and champagne? This duo makes for brunch’s best cocktail: the mimosa. Just tie a mini champagne bottle and a single-serving orange juice together for an easy gift or even a party favor. How fun would these be at a wedding shower? They’d look great alongside these sweet recipes.

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All-Over Confetti

Sparkling wine is just the thing for celebrations, just like a handful of confetti. Decorate a mini champagne bottle with ample confetti. To make this one, brush the bottle with Mod Podge or just some white glue diluted with a bit of water. Then roll the bottle in the confetti of your choosing (we like this tissue paper variety). Let this dry and it’s ready to gift!

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Lovely Lettering

Personalize a bottle of sparkling wine of any size with a cute and festive message (it’s a great excuse to brush up on your hand lettering skills!). Start this project by removing the label from your bottle. The easiest way to get rid of every last bit of adhesive is to soak the bottle—label and all—in warm water and a few tablespoons of baking soda (your kitchen’s secret cleaning ingredient). After 15 minutes, the label will peel right off.

Once your bottle is nice and clean, just use a permanent marker or paint pen to write your message—we used these paint pens by Sharpie. Made a mistake? No worries—just use a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe even permanent ink away.

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Sweet and Simple

Gifting a mini bottle of your favorite sparkling rosé doesn’t need to be a lot of work. Just tie a fun paper straw to the neck of the bottle with some ribbon. Grab a box of 100 assorted for less than $10 (plus, they come in so many colors!). This one is easy to customize for any occasion, but we think it’d be a great favor for an adult birthday! Pair it with your favorite cake.

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Glitter Everywhere

Is there anything more glitzy and festive than glitter? Whether you’re celebrating the New Year, a birthday or just a job well done, you can break out the glitter to make the occasion more festive. For this festive gift, cover the glass portion of the bottle with Mod Podge (grab some for less than $5) or white glue then dust with the glitter of your choosing.

If you want to get an ombre effect, start by covering one end of the bottle in one color glitter and the top in the other. Then mix those two together so you can have a blend that will fade one hue into the next. Finish with a bow or a tag and you’re ready to gift!

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Custom Label

A super easy way to decorate mini champagne bottles? Just make your own label! Simple messages like “Cheers!” and “Happy New Year” are a great place to start, though you can make them suit any occasion. We’ll get you started with a few fun labels that you can print right here.

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