10 Housewarming Party Ideas to Welcome Guests into Your Home

Updated: Apr. 10, 2024

There's no quicker way to make your house feel like a home than by filling it with people! Use our housewarming party ideas to celebrate your new digs with loved ones.

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Hosting a housewarming party is the ultimate way to celebrate weeks of hard work, show off your space and gather with friends and family. Plus, our recipes for housewarming party food are too delicious not to share!

These housewarming party ideas are all the inspiration you’ll need to make your celebration oh, so enjoyable.

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invitation with envelope

Send Invitations

Nothing says, “I have an exciting new return address” like snail mail. Send out the real deal to your squad with the who, where and what of your soiree. Then, to make things easy, have guests RSVP via text or email. They’ll appreciate some fun in their mailbox for once, and you’ll appreciate that everyone now has a copy of your new address.

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Color swatches on wall in hardware store
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Spruce with Paint Chips

A thrifty yet fun way to decorate your new abode for your party is with paint chips. Even if the walls are staying white, turn paint chips of all colors into creations such as bunting, a front door wreath, a hanging mobile, place cards and more. You can even slip one—marked with all the necessary info—into an envelope and call it an easy invitation!

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Signing guest book
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Create a Keepsake

Commemorate the occasion (and score some new decor!) by having guests sign a household object. Set out serving trays, vases, plant pots or even blank canvases. Then ask friends to write their names and heartfelt messages in permanent marker. Just be sure to seal the item properly for posterity’s sake. This way, you’ll never forget who helped make your house feel like a home.

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Collect Recipe Cards

Another (free!) gift your friends can offer you is the secret to their favorite recipe. Ask that your crew pick a dish in advance, then provide recipe cards for them to then fill out. Afterward, slip the directions for each recipe into a cookbook for a collection of guaranteed deliciousness.

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Bowl of Pot Pourri
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Stir up Potpourri

Ward off that cleaning solution stench or new rug smell with a pot of potpourri. You can simmer a batch on the stovetop for a strong aroma during your bash. Or, display bowls of dried potpourri around your space. Some optimal spots include bathrooms, entryways and even musty closets and pantries.

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Making house shaped cookies
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Dig into Themed Foods

In addition to the quintessential spread of starters, such as piled-high crostini, creamy dips and glazed meatballs, there are also some topical treats you can add to the array. Turn your favorite sugar cookie recipe into key-shaped bites with this cutter. Create mini gingerbread houses that look like your own. Or, even turn a savory cheese tart into a front-door lookalike, using vegetables for the design.

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Honey, glasses with ice, lemon juice and lavender cocktail on kitchen table.
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Sip a Signature Cocktail

Rename a classic drink to make it feel extra fitting for your celebration. Some ideas: “New Digs” Negroni, “Movin’ & Shakin'” Martinis and “Honey, We’re Home-a” Palomas. If possible, add a big batch to a punch bowl for easy serving. Or, invite guests to DIY with a cocktail station stocked with liquors, mixers, garnishes and more.

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Turn up the Tunes

Curate a playlist of your favorite artists’ music, then intermix some songs about moving and coming home. No housewarming party is complete without “Our House” by Madness, “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” by Billy Joel blaring over the speakers at some point.

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Man enjoying Christmas party with friends at home
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Hold a Scavenger Hunt

There are a handful of ways to keep your guests entertained. Think karaoke, party games, etc. But no activity gives partygoers the lay of your new land quite like a scavenger hunt. If you have some time to plan (and don’t mind your friends wandering your home), then organize a search for items such as an obscure spice blend in your kitchen, a favorite book on your shelf or a type of plant in your yard.

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Take Photos

Don’t forget to document! Not only do you want to remember how much fun your friends and family are having at your first-ever get-together, but it’s also nice to look back on how far your space has come once you’ve put those finishing touches on the place. And, hey, you can never have enough pictures of loved ones to pepper the fridge.

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