10 Items for Anyone Who Loves Sending Snail Mail

From personalized stationery to wax seals, these clever items are perfect for anyone who loves sending good ol' snail mail.

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personalized stationery This Is My Bookstore Postcards
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Bibliophiles, rejoice! This postcard set is perfect for sending a quick note to family and friends. Plus, each card features a scene from bookshops around the world. It’s a great “Just Because” gift, too.

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personalized stationery Colorful Linework Floral Stationery
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Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery is a simple way to add an elegant touch to your letters. We’re smitten with this floral design, but if it’s not your style Paper Source has tons of other options to choose from.

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Colorful Pens personalized stationery
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Colorful Pens

Your mail will certainly stand out among boring ol’ envelopes when you use this 30-pack of rainbow pens. And don’t worry, their narrow line width is perfect for penning lengthy letters, too. Speaking of, do you know how to write on a cake?

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personalized stationery Custom Stamp Gift Set
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Stamping Set

Whether you’re working on holiday cards or a long list of Thank You notes, this stamping set is sure to come in handy for printing your return address. It includes a self-inking stamper, an ink cartridge and a certificate you can redeem for a custom stamp plate.

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Wax Seal Stamp Kit personalized stationery
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Wax Seals

Give your letters a vintage look with the help of a wax seal set. This kit includes a monogrammed copper seal, melting spoon, tea candles and wax to help you live out your period drama dreams. Check out these recipes inspired by classic novels.

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personalized stationery 24 Cards For Alloccasions In Floral Organizer Box 5edx3457 01
via hallmark.com

All-Occasion Cards

Cousin Jen’s birthday is when? Be prepared for any occasion with this gorgeous collection of 24 Hallmark cards. We love the floral organizer box, too.

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personalized stationery Tombow Fudenosuke Calligraphy Brush Pens
via michaels.com

Calligraphy Pens

If you’re working on your calligraphy skills, these brush pens are a great addition to your stationery stash. They make all of those swooshes and swirls look effortless!

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Washi Tape Rolls personalized stationery
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Washi Tape

If licking envelopes is your least favorite task, Washi tape can seal your mail just as fast. We love this decorative set with Van Gogh-inspired spools.

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personalized stationery Address Writing Guide By Recollections
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Address Writing Guide

Spacing out an address can be tricky—and this handy guide is here to help. Plus, it costs less than 5 bucks!

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personalized stationery Custom Embosser Embosser Address
via TheMemorableImprints/etsy.com

Custom Embosser

Ooh la la! Take your mail to the next level with a custom embosser. This handy gadget adds a delicate touch to envelopes, letterhead and more.

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