12 Recipes Inspired by Classic Novels

Eat your way through the library.

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Inspired by: Romeo and Juliet

“A cookie by any other name would taste as sweet.” Or at least that’s what we’d imagine Juliet would say about these rose-shaped meringue beauties. (And yes, we know R+J is technically a play, but we just had to include it in this list). Psst! These recipes are perfect for book club.

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Inspired by: Little Women

When Jo visits her ill neighbor, Laurie, she brings along a blancmange (made by Meg, of course). This citrusy ring is equally tasty.

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Inspired by: James and the Giant Peach

We can’t even imagine how many of these luscious pies you could make with James’ giant peach! Just make sure there are no bugs inside.
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Inspired by: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Imagine you’re at the Mad Tea-Party with these delightful cucumber sandwiches. Just be prepared to answer a few riddles while you eat!

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Inspired by: To Kill a Mockingbird

Near the end of the novel, Scout dresses up as a ham for the Maycomb County Halloween pageant. Pay homage to the greatest costume of all time with this sweet and savory main course.

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Inspired by: The Great Gatsby

For a dish worthy of one of Gatsby’s parties, try these Oysters Rockefeller. They pair perfectly with champagne.

These vintage recipes from the roaring ’20s are worth trying today.

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Inspired by: Great Expectations

Abandoned at the altar, Miss Havisham spent her life surrounded by reminders of the could-have-been ceremony—including a wedding cake. While Miss Havisham’s version is well past its prime, you can enjoy the simplicity of this vintage jam cake.
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Inspired by: A Christmas Carol

Mrs. Cratchit knew a thing or two about making Christmas pudding. And this plum version is Tiny Tim-approved.
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Inspired by: The Catcher in the Rye

There’s nothing phony about this old-world rye bread. For the true Holden experience, try it as part of a Swiss cheese sandwich served with malted milk.
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Inspired by: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Violet refuses to heed Mr. Wonka’s warning after eating a chewing gum meal of tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie. And while this sweet treat won’t turn you into a giant blueberry, it will leave you vying for a second slice.
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Inspired by: Frankenstein

The only creature we want to confront is this one made from chunky guacamole. Pass the chips, please!
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Inspired by: The Hobbit

Hobbits eat up to seven meals a day, but Bilbo’s favorite was tea-time. We can almost picture him baking these cute little tea cakes in The Shire.

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