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Stay up to date on all the yummiest things hitting shelves in 2020. We’ve got the scoop on cool, new food products in your favorite grocery stores.

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Lay’s Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips Will Be Back for 2023

Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips is a mashup made in snack heaven.

We Tried Coca-Cola Move. Does It Really Taste Like Rosé?

Coca-Cola Move is the latest new flavor from Coca-Cola, and it may drive you coco-nuts.

Chick-fil-A Just Added a New Sandwich to Its Lineup

This new entree item looks just like the original chicken sandwich—with one key, delicious difference!

The Best Valentine’s Day Candy You’ll Find in 2023

We can't wait to dive into these sweet treats!

Starry Lemon Lime Soda [A Complete Review]

Is Starry soda that much different from Sierra Mist, Sprite and other lemon-lime drinks?

There’s a New M&M’s Wrapper—and It’s in Support of Women

M&M's newest wrapper is all about female empowerment.

Chips Ahoy Is Launching This New Cookie Flavor In Honor of Its 60th Birthday

You'll soon be able to find the newest flavor on grocery store shelves

I Tried Onion Flavored Ice Cream—Here’s What I Thought

Turns out onion ice cream can almost make you cry, just like the real thing.

Ina Garten Officially Approves of Trader Joe’s French Apple Tart

Everyone's a fan of Trader Joe's, including the Barefoot Contessa!

Built on Decades of Expertise, Hardee’s® Takes Biscuits to the Next Level

Southern-style biscuits have come a long way since they were first developed from hardtack, a mixture of...

Trader Joe’s Just Rolled Out Its Line-Up of Holiday Products and We’re Obse...

Trader Joe's holiday products for 2022 have arrived. Here's what to fill your cart with this Christmas season.

Dairy Queen Just Released Its Holiday Blizzards and We Can’t Wait to Try

DQ is back at it with flavors that will have you enjoying the holidays with every tasty spoonful!

Trader Joe’s Sells Grinch-Inspired “Grump Trees” and We’re Obse...

Summon a bit of the Grinch this holiday season with the Trader Joe's grump trees.

Wendy’s Peppermint Frosty Is Back—and It’s Free Until November 19

Your fave icy dessert has arrived for winter. Get a free Frosty to celebrate the taste of the holidays.

Beyond Meat Launches Vegan Steaks at 5,000 Grocery Stores Nationwide. Will You Try It?

The latest plant-based innovation is officially on the market.

Rachael Ray Now Has Meal Kits—And They’re *Chef’s Kiss*

Restaurant-quality meals delivered straight to your door? Yes, please!

I Never Knew At-Home Juicing Could Be Affordable Until I Tried the Magic Bullet Mini

Spoiler alert: I'm never paying for a $13 green juice again!

Caramel Cold Brew M&M’s Are Finally In Stores—Here’s How You Can Win Some

Fans can also pick up the newest permanent M&M's flavor in stores.

We Tried the New Baileys S’mores and We’ll Be Sipping It All Fall

All the flavors of s'mores in one fabulous drink? That dream's coming true, thanks to Baileys S'mores.

There’s a Brand-New Purple M&M Character in the M&M’s Lineup

M&M's revealed a purple spokescandy—and the new girl seems to fit right in.

Brand-New Hostess Bouncers Will Be the Perfect Lunch Box Treat

These new bite-sized snack cakes will be available in three delicious flavors.

Grinch Coffee Creamer Exists, and You’ll Need All the Flavors

Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s practically here! Not really—but Grinch coffee creamer is in stores.

We Tried Coca-Cola Dreamworld to See If It’s Really ‘Dream Flavored’

Who doesn't want to live in a world where soda pop aspires to taste like dreams?

The New Baileys Espresso Creme Is Out Now, and We’re Ready to Start Sipping

Nothing makes a day brighter like a hint of Baileys.

Coca-Cola Is Selling Bottles with Attached Caps—Here’s Why

This new Coke bottle has an attached cap! It might sound a bit strange, but there's a good reason for...