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The Best Valentine’s Day Candy You’ll Find in 2023

We can't wait to dive into these sweet treats!

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Pile Of Assorted Valentines Day CandyADOGSLIFEPHOTO/GETTY IMAGES

Love is in the air, and we’re not just talking about romance! These brand-new Valentine’s Day candies from Reese’s, Hershey and more prove that there’s so much to love about 2023.

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Reese's Blossom Topped Miniature CupsVia Merchant

Reese’s Blossom-Top Mini Cups

We’ve long been fans of special Reese’s Valentine’s Day candy and this pink-topped treat is no exception. The cute little miniatures are topped with light pink creme on top of the usual delicious milk-and-peanut-butter offering and come wrapped in three different types of bouquet-inspired foils.

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Hershey Milk Chocolate Hearts Bar King Size Via WalmartVia Merchant

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Heart Bars

Nothing says classic chocolate like Hershey’s. These new 2023 Valentine’s themed King Size chocolate bars offer the familiar taste of the Hershey’s flavors we all know and love in a new thin offering that’s easy to munch on during any of your favorite Valentine’s films.

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Lindor Valentine's Raspberry Cheesecake BagVia Merchant

Lindor Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

For gifting fancy chocolates on a budget, Lindor can’t be beat. These truffles feature a limited-edition raspberry cheesecake filling encased in rich dark chocolate, so they’re basically the perfect Valentine’s Day candy.

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Rolo Valentine's Creamy Caramels Via TargetVia Merchant

Rolo Valentine’s Creamy Caramels

For all of the gluten free and Kosher Valentine’s, this is the perfect candy for you! The caramel chocolate treat is ideal for lovers of all things gooey caramel desserts. And we’ve got you covered on even more gluten-free desserts to check out.

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Shaped Gift Box Via WalmartVia Merchant

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups-Shaped Gift Box

If you can’t get enough of that Reese’s goodness, you’re in luck! This year, the beloved brand has come out with a box specifically for Valentine’s Day full of cups that are “the shape of true love,” the brand writes on the box. With so much peanut-butter chocolate goodness, we happen to agree.

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Jelly Belly Champagne & Rosé Jelly Beans Ecomm Via Jellybelly.comVia Merchant

Jelly Belly Champagne & Rosé Jelly Beans

These grown-up jelly beans are a fun option for the 21-plus crowd. Like Jelly Belly’s sparkling water, these alcohol-free champagne and rosé candies are packed with fizzy flavor.

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Ferrero Rocher Valentine's Chocolate Hearts Via TargetVia Merchant

Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Chocolate Hearts

For lovers of a gourmet chocolate treat, Ferrero has the candy for you. This year, the brand is debuting some adorable heart-shaped Valentine’s Day boxes of various sizes that any valentine with a sweet tooth is bound to adore.

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Butterfinger Valentine's Day Minis Via WalmartVia Merchant

Butterfinger Valentine’s Minis

Who doesn’t love a classic Butterfinger? For a tiny treat that is easy to give out to friends, coworkers and loved ones these mini bars are an adorable choice—you can even purchase them in a heart-shaped box!

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Crunch Valentine's Minis Via WalmartVia Merchant

Crunch Valentine’s Minis

For even more tiny treat options, Crunch has you covered! The crisp tiny chocolate bars will no doubt satisfy any sweet tooth. And if you want to present some Crunch Mini’s in a Valentine’s-esque fashion, the Mini’s are also available in this loving Crunch Minis Heart Box!

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Star Wars Valentine's The Child Plush With CandyVia Merchant

Star Wars Baby Yoda Plush with Candy

Will we ever get over Baby Yoda? Probably not. Get the Star Wars lover in your life this Grogu plush toy with Star Wars character-themed candy so they can satisfy their sweet tooth and have something to cuddle with.

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Kit Kat Strawberry And Dark Chocolate DuosVia Merchant

Kit Kat Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Duos

Just when you thought Kit Kats couldn’t get any better, the new Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Duos are here to become a new favorite—and they come just in time for Valentine’s Day. These apparently taste just like chocolate-dipped strawberries and will definitely be a favorite this February.

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Nerf Valentine's Heart Box With Football & GoalpostVia Merchant

Nerf Gummy Candy Box

If you want someone to quit playin’ games with your heart this February, this might not be the gift for you. If you’re the gaming sort, though, this felt-covered heart-shaped box filled with gummy candy and topped off with a football and goalposts is just the thing. And yes, you can use them to actually play while indulging in the sweet treats.

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Sugarfina Love Letters Tasting Collection Via SugarfinaVia Merchant

Sugarfina Love Letters Tasting Collection

For a break from the traditional V-Day chocolates, try this Sugarfind tasting box. From sugar lips to champagne gummy bears to sea salt caramels, there’s a little bit of everything for every type of sweet tooth.

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Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate HeartsVia Merchant

Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Hearts

Valentine’s Day candies don’t have to be complex and chock full of ingredients—sometimes just some extra creamy milk chocolate does fine. These adorable milk chocolate hearts are gooey and sweet, just like your favorite rom-com.

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Ghirardelli Valentine's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Duet Hearts Bag Ecomm Via Target.comVia Merchant

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry Duet Hearts

Raspberry and dark chocolate are a classic pair, which is why these indulgent Ghirardelli hearts are practically guaranteed to please. Since they’re individually wrapped, they’re perfect for sharing.

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Tic Tac Valentine's Single Big Berry AdventureVia Merchant

Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure

Each adorable Valentine-sized Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure container is brimming with 60 pink and purple mints. They’re a fun, colorful take on classic Tic Tacs and instantly make berry-easy-to-love smiles.

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M&m's Valentines Day Milk Chocolate Candy, Cupid's MixVia Merchant

Cupid’s Mix Valentines Day M&M’s

If you’re heading out to grab a bag of the new M&M’s Black Forest Cake flavor, then scoop up some Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Mix, too. Eat the pink, white and red melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands candies on their own, or mix them into your favorite cookies, cakes and yogurts for Cupid-approved recipe updates.

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Hershey Kisses Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Via TargetVia Merchant

Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

This fun take on traditional Hershey’s Kisses has a gooey strawberry-flavored center that reminds us of all of our favorite strawberry desserts and a creamy chocolate exterior. They’re a delicious offering for the Valentine who is bold on the outside with a soft and sweet core.

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Kinder Joy Valentines MultipackVia Merchant

Kinder Joy Valentine’s Multipack

The little cherubs on your list (or the kids at heart, anyway) are going to squeal with delight when they open this Kinder Joy Valentine’s Multipack. Each candy-filled egg features two sweet creamy layers—one with a sweet milk-cream flavor and the other with a rich, velvety cocoa. Kids really love the other side, though, a tiny toy that gives them plenty to talk about.

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Heart Shaped Chocolate Pizza With MalletVia Merchant

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Pizza

This unique pizza-inspired treat is made of solid milk chocolate and comes in a perfect heart shape. It’s topped with a white chocolate drizzle and other mouth-watering toppings, like mini M&M’s. Nosh on it as-is, or if you’re no stranger to broken hearts, use the included wooden mallet to crack it into plenty of bite-sized pieces.

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