M&M’s Has a Brand-New Flavor for Valentine’s Day 2022—and It Takes the Cake

My favorite cake flavor is now a portable candy? Best Valentine's gift ever.

You might say that picking up unusual flavors of classic candy is a hobby of mine. Mango Kit Kats? You know I’ve sampled ’em. Sugar Cookie M&M’s? Bought a bag long before Christmas. It’s always an adventure to try something brand-new, even if it’s something a little…different. But that’s the fun in it, right?

So of course I’m going to try the new M&M’s flavor that’s dropping for Valentine’s Day!

What Is the New M&M’s Flavor?

Probably the greatest flavor in all the land (especially if they add some cherry in there). The next legendary M&M’s flavor is…Black Forest Cake! Trust me when I say I about screamed when I saw this new flavor being added to the ever-growing list of delicious M&M’s flavors. I can always count on them to treat me right during Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve never had black forest cake, you’re missing out. It’s by far my favorite cake flavor and has been since I was a kid. My family is German, and so I grew up eating Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, aka black forest cake. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it right now! I’ve asked for this cake for every birthday for as long as I can remember. Dark chocolate, sweet cherries and whipped cream all in one little package.

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The M&M’s flavor comes in both dark and milk chocolate with the black forest cake flavor. I just know I’ll need about five bags.

Where Can I Get ‘Em?

Black Forest Cake M&Msvia candyfunhouse.ca

Right now, you can grab an 8-ounce bag for $10.99 from Candy Funhouse, but they’ve also been spotted at Wegmans and other stores. You can grab a bag of Strawberry Shake M&M’s to go along with them. Hopefully, we’ll see more pop up as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, but if you need them right now (like I do), you’re covered! Because who wouldn’t want to spend a day with these little guys, am I right?

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