The New Baileys Espresso Creme Is Out Now, and We’re Ready to Start Sipping

Nothing makes a day brighter like a hint of Baileys.

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The first time I had Baileys was on a plane en route to Las Vegas for my friend’s birthday. As the flight attendant handed me a small cup of coffee with a sizable hint of Baileys, I took a swig and knew I’d be hooked. The popular Irish cream liqueur has been around since 1974 and still holds up to this day. You can bake with Baileys, add a splash to your coffee or hot cocoa, or even enjoy a glass by itself.

Now that Baileys Espresso Creme has officially dropped, we’ll have something new to sip all fall long!

What Is Baileys Espresso Creme?

The original Baileys is a liqueur mixed with cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey. It’s remarkable over ice—trust me. Baileys Espresso Creme takes everything that’s wonderful about the original and adds in something extra: real coffee flavor. It’s the perfect combo of coffee, cocoa and creamy Baileys. I’m sold! I plan to pour a little in my coffee for extra coffee flavor.

You can sip this new Baileys neat, use it to make a White Russian or whip up an Irish Cream Coffee with an extra kick. I also recommend adding a splash to your homemade hot chocolate for a new twist on a mocha…or top your hot chocolate with Baileys whipped cream.

You can even use the Baileys Espresso Creme to make desserts. I bet a batch of these Mint Baileys Bars will be gone before you know it!

Where Can I Get It?

You can grab a 750 mL bottle of Baileys Espresso Creme from Total Wine for about $21.99, BWS for $33.99 or Dan Murphy’s for $37.99. Keep an eye out next time you do a round of shopping. This isn’t a Baileys you’ll want to miss!

Melany Love
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