Brand-New Hostess Bouncers Will Be the Perfect Lunch Box Treat

These new bite-sized snack cakes will be available in three delicious flavors.

Hostess has been serving up sweets and treats since 1919, and it seems there’s no stopping them any time soon. While we’ve been knocking back Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos since we were kids, Hostess has been adding new products to its illustrious line of goodies. Just this past year they added Mocha-Flavored Coffee Cakes, Iced Lemon Cupcakes and Baby Bundts.

But why stop there? Hostess decided to cash in on some of its best ideas to create Hostess Bouncers, and we can’t wait to pop ’em until the box is empty!

What Are Hostess Bouncers?

Take everything you love about classic Hostess products and make them just a teeny bit smaller. Bouncers are creme-filled portable snack cakes that are easy to pack in a lunch box and share.

Right now, we expect three different flavors to drop:

  • Glazed Twinkies
  • Glazed Chocolate Ding Dongs
  • Cinnamon Donettes

Personally, I’m beyond stoked for the Cinnamon Donettes. I remember sitting on the couch with my mom as a kid just popping those little doughnuts in milk while watching our favorite movies together. Even now, there’s almost always a bag of Hostess Donettes in the house. Being able to take them wherever I go may be the greatest thing to happen in my lifetime.

But for many, the most iconic of the three may be the Twinkies. Everyone knows what a Twinkie is—and now they’re available in bite-sized form! Perfect for lunches and midday snacks when you need a little sugar rush.

Need some Hostess at home? Try these handy recipes for copycat Twinkies and copycat original Hostess cupcakes.

Where Can I Get ‘Em?

Currently, they’re set to drop in the later half of September 2022. Each multi-pack box will include five portable pouches with three Bouncers each. All I have to say is… I can’t promise that box is going to make it to the end of the day!

Melany Love
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