Hostess Just Dropped Two Brand-New Products and One Is a Mocha-Flavored Coffee Cake

I know what I'm having for breakfast from now on.

I think it’s safe to say that Hostess played a big part in a lot of our childhoods. I remember coming home from school, and there would always be some kind of Hostess-brand treat in the pantry. Ding Dongs, HoHos, Twinkies—you name it, we had it. But my favorite Hostess dessert was always the cupcakes. I loved the smooth chocolate frosting and the aesthetic of the loopy white icing.

Now Hostess has revealed some snacks that will make you feel like a kid again. Prepare your taste buds!

What Does Hostess Have in the Works?

Next to the iconic Hostess Cupcakes, it’s safe to say my second-favorite item was the Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes. Honestly, it might have been the start of my obsession with everything cinnamon. They were moist, sweet and so much fun to eat. And sometimes, I’d even find myself eating the whole box at once. Whoops!

So color me super-excited when I found out about the two new Hostess drops:

  • Mocha Coffee Cakes
  • Dinosaur Cupcakes

Um… Yes, please!

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The Mocha Coffee Cakes look strikingly similar to previous coffee cakes. The only difference is the jolt of mocha! Imagine sitting at home with a nice, warm cup of coffee and a Hostess Mocha Coffee Cake to dip. Talk about a perfect morning.

The Dinosaur Cupcakes are perfect for kids and adults alike. There’s no age limit on Hostess treats, right? They’re your tried-and-true Hostess cakes with light green icing and a fluffy cream filling.

Psst: Here’s how to make classic Hostess cupcakes at home.

Where Can I Buy Hostess Coffee Cakes?

These new Hostess products will be Walmart exclusives. That means you won’t be able to find them anywhere except Walmart’s shelves. They should hit stores very soon, so keep an eye out at your Walmart for these goodies. And one more thing—while the Dinosaur Cupcakes will be a limited-edition item, the Mocha Coffee Cakes are a permanent Hostess lineup. We love to hear it!

Did you have a chance to try the limited-edition Hostess Lemon Cupcakes or Hostess S’Mores Cupcakes last year?

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