Beyond Meat Launches Vegan Steaks at 5,000 Grocery Stores Nationwide. Will You Try It?

Updated: Dec. 17, 2023

The latest plant-based innovation is officially on the market.

Several years ago, plant-based meat seemed poised to leap into the mainstream, with many well-known vegan meat brands vying for the spotlight. When Beyond Meat went public in 2019, its Wall Street debut was the biggest in a decade. Consumers could find plant-based meats everywhere from fast-food places to local grocery stores.

But just a few years later, consumer demand cooled. Beyond Meat recently laid off 20% of its staff. In response, the company doubled down and launched a brand new innovation: a plant-based vegan steak.

“Beyond Steak is a highly-anticipated expansion of our popular beef platform and we’re proud to introduce this innovative product to consumers nationwide,” said Dariush Ajami, Beyond Meat’s chief innovation officer in a recent press release. “Beyond Steak delivers the taste and texture of sliced steak in a way that is better for both people and the planet.”

Perhaps this new generation of plant-based meat is spurring a comeback and a re-interest in the category of plant-based meat. Among big companies currently experimenting with it: Taco Bell is testing a carne asada product with Beyond Meat, while Burger King is testing an Impossible chicken sandwich.

What Is Beyond Meat Vegan Steak?

Beyond Meat’s vegan steak is different than other beef substitutes on the market, but isn’t supposed to directly imitate a rib eye or a T-bone, according to Vox. Instead, the seared “tips” are like the beefy chunks you’d use in a taco, stir-fry, or even a Philly cheesesteak. Beyond Steak is easy-to-cook and perfect for quick and easy meals, prepared in a skillet or air fryer in just five minutes.

According to Vox, while a small number of startups have attempted to make steak-like products, this is the first one to use “whole muscle” technology and is widely distributed. Whole muscle is meant to imitate cuts of meat that have fibrous texture, unlike “chop and form” technology, in which different ingredients are mashed together, imitating burgers or chicken nuggets. Vox calls the whole muscle technology the “holy grail” of plant-based meat.

If you’re curious about plant-based meats, there are dozens of plant-based recipes you can try using vegetarian substitutes.

Is Vegan Steak Good For You?

There are many healthy reasons to try a plant-based diet, including heart health. In a clinical study conducted at Stanford University and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers evaluated the impact of replacing animal-based meat with Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat over an eight-week period. The plant-based meat improved a number of cardiovascular disease risk factors, with no adverse effects.

Beyond Meat vegan steak provides 21 grams of protein per serving and is low in saturated fat, with zero cholesterol and no added antibiotics or hormones.

Where Can I Buy Beyond Steak?

The new Beyond Meat vegan steak is available at more than 5,000 stores, including Walmart and Kroger locations, as well as some Albertsons (Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco) and Ahold (Giant, Stop & Shop) stores.