The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Every State

From plant-based burger joints to upscale eateries that put the chic in chickpea, these are the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the country.

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Golden Temple Cafe, Birmingham

Like a shrine to southern meat abstainers, Golden Temple Cafe is Birmingham’s only exclusively vegetarian restaurant. In addition to soups, salads, sandwiches and healthy smoothies, you’ll find a natural grocery store, a boutique and yoga classes onsite. Work on your warrior pose, gorge on a guac sandwich and then shop for Nepalese scarves and healing crystals.

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Organic Oasis Restaurant & Juice Bar, Anchorage

As they say, a hummus wrap a day keeps the doctor away… or something to that effect. At Organic Oasis Restaurant & Juice Bar, owner Steve Planté has crafted a menu that aims to boost your wellbeing. Pick from veggie dishes (garden-fresh pizza) or vegan options (plant-based quesadillas), plus vitamin-packed juices.

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Green New American Vegetarian, Phoenix

Cozy up to the plant-based plates at Green New American Vegetarian, a vegan spot that specializes in comfort food. The spinach dip, buffalo wings and crab puffs here are made with mock meat and vegan cheese. Another feel-good favorite: vegan ice cream in flavors like chai tiramisu and banana cream pie.

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The Root Cafe, Little Rock

The menu at The Root Cafe isn’t entirely vegetarian, but the majority of the produce served here is sourced from local farmers. Feast on the fruits of Arkansas labor with a vegetarian spicy banh mi sandwich or deviled egg salad. Plus, keep an eye out for workshops, concerts and the occasional hot pepper-eating contest.

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Gracias Madre, West Hollywood

Vegan Mexican? Oh yes, it’s possible. And not just possible, it’s worth traveling for at Gracias Madre, an LA institution that serves jackfruit carnitas tacos and potato-and-zucchini-stuffed enchiladas that make even carnivores salivate. Their mezcal selection and cocktail menu (happy hour is weekdays 3-6pm) are equally impressive, too.

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Vital Root, Denver

Vital Root puts plants front and center—not only on the menu, but also in the restaurant itself, which feels like eating in a greenhouse or artsy botanical gallery. Most items on the menu can be made vegan by request and every dish is gluten-free. If you’re looking for more recipes, then we’ve curated a collection of the best vegan soul food recipes.

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G-Zen Restaurant, Branford

Veg out at vegan hotspot G-Zen, a restaurant that put the art of living peacefully in its name. The menu here is mellow, especially Buddha Brunch on Saturdays, which includes a scrambled tofu platter and French toast. Plus, knowing that G-Zen is a zero-waste restaurant (they compost 100% of food waste) should put your mind at ease.

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Green Box Kitchen, Wilmington

What began as a project to help at-risk youngsters find entrepreneurial jobs (Wilmington Green Box), has now evolved into a plant-based cafe. At Green Box Kitchen, the spirit of community and healthy eating continues to bloom with grain bowls, salads and creative munchies, like falafel waffles.

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DaJen Eats Cafe & Creamery, Eatonville

At DaJen Eats Cafe & Creamery, enjoy a 100% vegan menu inspired by Jamaica including jerk sandwiches, curries and tropical flavored vegan ice cream. Love the menu at DaJen? You can sign up for cooking classes and learn how to prep a few favorites yourself.

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Slutty Vegan, Atlanta

Don’t avert your eyes! Despite the naughty name, everything at Slutty Vegan is above board… and around the block when it comes to the lines to try these prized plant-based burgers. The only scandal likely to ensue is when a life-long beef lover bites into one of these vegan patties and swears it’s the best he’s ever had.

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Peace Cafe, Honolulu

Achieving harmony is no easy feat, as the team at Peace Cafe knows. The vegan eatery’s beloved katsu sauce calls for 27 different fruits and vegetables, plus two days of simmering. Then again, harmony is much easier for the eater to nab. All you have to do is wander in and order the Katsu Plate and voila! Paradise for the palate.

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BBQ4Life, Boise

A BBQ spot that’s friendly for the fleshy faint of heart? That’s right. Because vegans deserve smoked scrumptiousness too, there’s BBQ4Life. Here, tempeh and spaghetti squash are smoked (and prepared separately from meat dishes, of course), then used to make sandwiches, tacos and black bean chili.

For another meat-free saucy selection, make Lentil Sloppy Joes.

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The Chicago Diner, Chicago

The Windy City may have a rep for hot dogs and steak joints, but The Chicago Diner prides itself on being meat-free since ’83 (yes, even before “Da Bears” were doing “The Super Bowl Shuffle”). Grab a seat at one of two locations—Logan Square or Halsted—and sink your teeth into the seitan-loaded Radical Reuben.

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Three Carrots, Indianapolis

If navigating brunch menus has ever felt like a bacon-riddled obstacle course, take comfort in the selection at Three Carrots. This vegan outpost in the arts district of Fountain Square has nothing but plant-based options. Gather your whole crew for tofu and grits, mushroom-stuffed breakfast tacos, or seitan and waffles.

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Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City

Vegan, seasonal and focused on locally-sourced and organic ingredients, Trumpet Blossom Cafe checks all the boxes on the eco-friendly checklist. But the restaurant goes above and beyond when it comes to bringing the community together, thanks to regularly scheduled musical events. Grab a plate of polenta cakes and get ready to groove.

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Lotus Leaf Cafe, Wichita

What’s even better than quinoa-and-flax tortillas filled with roasted chickpeas? Eating said tacos alfresco and with a side of fresh avocado. Lotus Leaf Cafe has vegetarian and vegan options (as well as a few meat choices, too), plus outdoor seating, so you can enjoy nature while you nibble on hot sauce-soaked bounty.

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Roots/Heart & Soy, Louisville

Get double the veggie fun at Roots and Heart & Soy, next-door restaurants under the same ownership. Roots—upscale vegetarian with ramen and pan-fried pot stickers on the menu—is geared for dining in. Heart & Soy, on the other hand, is ideal for takeout. Pick up your pad thai and pair it with a movie at home.

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Killer Poboys, New Orleans

When in Rome, you should do as the Romans do; when in NOLA, you eat po’boys… yes, even if you steer clear of meat. Fortunately, there’s Killer Poboys, where you’ll find a vegan-friendly roasted sweet potato version (with black-eyed pea and pecan spread). The roasted cauliflower sandwich is another Big Easy-approved option.

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Chase’s Daily, Belfast

Hit the farmer’s market, swing by the florist and then stop by your favorite meat-free eatery for a tofu scramble. Or, tackle all three at once simply by heading to Chase’s Daily. This family-run operation is a grower, grocer and local go-to for vegetarian brunch on Sundays.

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The Land of Kush, Baltimore

Soul food is seemingly at odds with veganism (just look for that crispy chicken-sized hole missing from most plant-based menus). And yet, The Land of Kush, an award-winning vegan soul restaurant, proves that isn’t so. The “BBQ ribs” and “crab cakes” here lack meat, but not a smidge of flavor.

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Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, vegetarians didn’t have to scour menus searching for something to eat. Oh wait! That’s true today at Veggie Galaxy. This meat-free spin on the classic American diner has veggie versions of all the standbys (omelets, club sandwiches and cutlets). Plus, most dishes can be made vegan.

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Chive Kitchen, Farmington

Mix a Portuguese/Californian upbringing with vegan recipes and drop it in a Detroit suburb and you have Chive Kitchen, the blended brainchild of Chef Suzy Silvestre. The menu changes regularly, but past dishes have included artichoke benedict for brunch and a tuna-less chickpea melt. The vegan chocolate cake here is also a big hit.

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Fig + Farro, Minneapolis

“Save the planet. Eat plants.” The phrase on Fig + Farro‘s website makes their mission clear. And you can lend a hand (or an appetite) by indulging in the vegetarian fare served here. Fitting for a restaurant that wants to save Earth, the menu pulls from across the globe, including Mediterranean, Mexican and Korean influences.

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Cool Al’s, Jackson

A family-owned and operated burger haven, Cool Al’s doesn’t leave vegetarians and vegans out of the patty partaking (and we do think that’s pretty cool). Pick from nearly two dozen meat-free selections, including the Vegan Cajun Bacon Bleu Burger and the Abyssinian, an Ethiopian-inspired option between buns.

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Lulu’s Local Eatery, St. Louis

Like other all-star plant-based restaurants, Lulu’s Local Eatery offers a variety of eats (from black-bean sliders to butternut squash enchiladas), seasonal menus and 100% compostable to-go materials. But unlike just about any other meat-free joint, Lulu’s has a ping pong bar directly above the restaurant. Come for the quinoa, stay for the competition.

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Catalyst Cafe & Espresso Bar, Missoula

Saddle up for vegetarian sweet potato corn chowder, breakfast burritos or dried cherry and walnut salads at Catalyst Cafe. Vegan options include a falafel platter and roasted veggie sandwiches. That’s right, Big Sky Country is no longer the Wild West when it comes to meat-free eatin’.

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Modern Love, Omaha

Soon enough, Omaha will be known for chickpea hoagies rather than steaks, thanks to Modern Love. This eatery in Midtown describes its cuisine as “swanky vegan comfort food.” Swing by weekdays for the lunch special that includes a sandwich and side for under $10. Or, make Modern Love your beloved brunch spot and grab a Mod McMuffin on weekends.

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Tacotarian, Las Vegas

Vegetarian? Vegan? Tacotarian? This Vegas outpost covers all three. Tacotarian is a meat-free Mexican haven that serves tortillas stuffed with soy chorizo, seitan “carne asada,” plantains in mole sauce and more. Sin City has two locations: one downtown and the other on Apache Road.

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New Hampshire

Willows Plant-Based Eatery, Concord

Veganism doesn’t preclude pasta eating. This is why we love Willows Plant-Based Eatery, which serves a legendary lasagna with tofu ricotta. Other Italian inspo comes by way of the restaurant’s tofu sandwich. Whip up your own indulgent noodles at home with Vegan Mac and Cheese.

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New Jersey

Living on the Veg, Beach Haven

True to its hardcore name, Living on the Veg does have a “nosh pit” (buffalo tempeh strips, raw tacos, nachos with vegan cheese sauce and more). But any risky business ends with its creative moniker. Instead, this boardwalk pitstop provides beachgoers with healthy eats and a place to catch some delicious shade.

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New Mexico

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe, Albuquerque

How’s your agni (metabolism) behaving? Is your parna (life force) up to par? Let the folks at Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe give you a primer on ayurvedic cooking, the ancient Indian practice of healing through the food. As you’d expect, the menu here includes Indian dishes, but you’ll also find burritos, pancakes and pizza.

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New York

Avant Garden, New York City

Don your best organic cotton blazer for an evening at Avant Garden, a vegan restaurant in the East Village that elevates produce-centric eating. Grab a seat at the bar to see the chefs in action and feast on the likes of celery root noodles with mushroom gremolata and house-made pasta carbonara.

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North Carolina

Happy + Hale, Raleigh

What started in Raleigh has now expanded to locations in Durham and Greenville, South Carolina as well. Happy + Hale continues to spread glee—and satisfy cravings—one protein bowl at a time. For a bowl on your own turf, try mixing up a Festive Three Grain Salad at home.

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North Dakota

HoDo Restaurant, Fargo

Set inside Hotel Donaldson, HoDo Restaurant gives visitors a taste of North Dakota—literally speaking, of course. The menu features locally-grown and organic produce wherever possible. Vegetarian dishes abound, plus the chef whips up a daily vegan special, too.

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Lifestyle Cafe, Columbus 

Get all your comfort food favorites made vegan at Lifestyle Cafe. On the menu, you’ll find waffles, sloppy joes, BLTs and three-bean chili. And don’t skip out on their beverage menu. Their matcha latte is topped with coconut whipped cream—sounds so good!

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Goro Ramen, Oklahoma City

Slurp your way to plant-based satisfaction. In addition to seaweed and brussels sprouts salads, Goro Ramen has a vegan ramen loaded with tofu, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and fried shallots. At home, make your own broth-based meal with Vegan Tortilla Soup.

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Vtopia Restaurant & Cheese Shop, Portland

In Portland, vegans have their pick of pizzerias, bbq joints and bakeries. But we’ve got to hand it to the city for having an all-vegan cheese shop, a rarity even in the most produce-positive places. Vtopia Restaurant & Cheese Shop has artisanal wedges to go, plus dine-in specialties like gourmet mac and cheese.

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Vedge, Philadelphia

Pass the Fancy Radishes, Watson. The lavish root is a real dish at Vedge, a fine-dining, produce-forward restaurant in Philly. The eatery is set in a historic brownstone, where you can cozy up to a fireplace as you move onto your next course: 14-karat carrots (ok, that one we made up, but Vedge does serve Wood-Roasted Carrot).

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Rhode Island

Garden Grille, Pawtucket

Garden Grille caters to vegetarians and vegans, but they don’t stop there—gluten-free and kosher considerations can be made as well. In addition to farm-fresh lunch and dinner options, this cafe also mixes up libations worthy of an outdoor soiree. Go for the Garden Party: Farmer’s Gin with lemon, basil and lavender bitters.

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South Carolina

Jack of Cups Saloon, Folly Beach

For vegging out by the beach, there’s Jack of Cups Saloon, a bar and eatery with a patio and the occasional live band. This low-key spot serves food from around the globe, including vegetarian vindaloo and ravioli stuffed with pear and gorgonzola.

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South Dakota

Lalibela, Sioux Falls

Like Indian cuisine, Ethiopian offers plenty of meat-free options. Lalibela in Sioux Falls is no exception. Try atkilt, a curried vegetable stew, or go for the vegetarian platter, which comes with injera, the traditional Ethiopian flatbread that’s used in place of utensils to scoop up bites.

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Tennessee Sunflower Cafe


Sunflower Cafe, Nashville

Music City knows its way around a protein-packed vegetarian meal, thanks to Sunflower Cafe. Everything here—including wraps, burgers and bowls—can be made vegan, too. And check out the completely vegan and gluten-free delights at the cafe’s sister spot, Sunflower Bakehouse.

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Green Seed Vegan, Houston

At Green Seed Vegan, you’ll find a menu that’s completely vegan and the option to turn any dish gluten-free. Don’t skip their raw vegan menu either! It has vegan sushi packed with fresh veggies and topped with a ginger jalapeño sauce. Yum!

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The Big O Doughnuts, Salt Lake City

In a perfect world, we’d all just live on doughnuts. And while that’s not quite possible (or recommended), the wide array of all-vegan flavors at The Big O Doughnuts will keep your tastebuds tantalized. The menu changes regularly, but keep an eye out for blueberry lavender and orange cardamom. Feeling ambitious? Make your own vegan doughnuts at home.

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The Bistro at Ten Acres, Stowe

Enjoy Earth’s offerings while getting an eyeful of Mother Nature. The Bistro at Ten Acres has views of the surrounding gardens and mountains, as well as Indian vegetable curry and refreshing pineapple salad. After lunch, head out on a hike in nearby Wiessner Woods.

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Fresca on Addison, Richmond

Founder Jenna Sneed lived a plant-based life, while her dad Jimmy did not. And yet the father-daughter duo came together to create vegetarian restaurant Fresca on Addison, proving that everyone agrees when it comes to serving food that’s fresh and simply delicious. Stop in for a wood-fired pizza.

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Plum Bistro, Seattle

Plum Bistro is the brainchild of chef Makini Howell. In 2009 she opened her 100% vegan restaurant and has expanded the business into a food truck that you can find on the streets of Seattle, a catering business and a casual version of the restaurant. You can enjoy some of the restaurant’s best dishes at home with Chef Makini’s cookbook Plum.

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West Virginia

Bluegrass Kitchen, Charleston

Music and veggie meals make great (garden) bedfellows. Bluegrass Kitchen proves precisely that point. This farm-to-table restaurant, which sources ingredients from within West Virginia and the Appalachians, regularly hosts live music. The circa-1920s space also serves as a gallery for local artists.

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Cafe Manna, Brookfield

The first Certified Green Restaurant in the state, Cafe Manna, which is 100% vegetarian, is fully committed to the environment. Even the dining room is made from eco-friendly materials, including bamboo counters and recycled metal light fixtures. Appreciate the earth-friendly ambiance as you dig into vegetable stir fry and raw cheesecake.

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Sweet Melissa Cafe, Laramie

For more than 20 years, Sweet Melissa Café has been feeding “the homesick vegetarian” in Wyoming. Count on completely-vegetarian offerings, as well as a place to grab a cocktail before or after your meal. The adjacent Front Street Tavern is under the same ownership as the cafe.

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