We Tried Coca-Cola Dreamworld to See If It’s Really ‘Dream Flavored’

Updated: Jul. 15, 2024

Who doesn't want to live in a world where soda pop aspires to taste like dreams?

Had any good dreams lately? Did they involve drinking the limited-edition Coca-Cola flavor that came in a cool teal-colored can and tasted like all the fruit in the world got into a fight? Because Coca-Cola released a Coca-Cola Creations flavor, Dreamworld, and the company claimed it tasted like dreams. You read that right—dreams.

If you didn’t get the chance to try the limited-edition drink, don’t worry—we’ll tell you if you missed out or not.

What Was Dreamworld?

Coke released Coca-Cola Creations flavors all throughout 2022, including Coca-Cola Starlight, which supposedly tasted like space. (Spoiler: It was sweeter than a Pixy Stix milkshake.)

Dreamworld had possibly the coolest concept—the flavor of a dream! And it definitely had the coolest label. It was teal with a funky Salvador Dali-esque design, with a flying futuristic fish, an upside-down cloud and the Coca-Cola cursive logo sailing out what looks like a church window.

I mean, my dreams run more to the crumbling teeth and showing up naked at high school for a test I’ve never studied for, but to each dreamer their own.

Was Dreamworld Really “Dream-Flavored”?

Coke Dreamworld looked just like regular Coke when you poured it over ice. An overwhelming fruit aroma rose up when you cracked the can.

But I didn’t detect much, if any, cola flavor in this dreamy beverage. I puzzled and puzzled over how to describe the flavor. Here’s what I came up with: maybe if you had a party, and you made a huge bowl of fruit punch, and then accidentally dropped a splash of Coke into it, that’s what Dreamworld tasted like.

I couldn’t identify what fruit was in the drink, but there was definitely a Carmen Miranda’s hat-inspired tropical fruit edge. I asked my teen daughter to try and nail down the fruit, and her instant response was “yellow Tic Tacs.” I think she had a point, as the taste is more candy-sweet than anything grown in nature. The sweetness did carry a kind of citrus edge to it, so fruit was perhaps adjacently involved.

Would I Buy It Again?

Probably not. The sample I was sent was the Zero Sugar version. My suspicion is that the full-sugar version would taste better, especially since I’m not a fan of Coke Zero. But I may never find that out since the drink was only available for a limited time. The arty teal labels may have tempted some shoppers to give it a try, but the taste didn’t put anyone into a dreamy reverie.

I still love the fact that Coca-Cola, the big behemoth of beverage, was going crazy with its limited-edition flavors. So far, none of them have tripped my personal taste trigger, but I’d rather live in a world where soda pop aspires to taste like dreams than one where it doesn’t.