The Most Popular Pie from Every Decade

Updated: May 22, 2024

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1900s: Banana Cream Pie

At the turn of the century, bananas were still being marketed as an exotic fruit in America—and cookbooks were coming up with creative new ways to use them. Enter the banana cream pie. This rich treat utilized custard, whipped cream and, of course, bananas. For more inspiration, check out our best banana dessert recipes.

Also, Easter is just around the corner, so plan on adding these seasonal Easter pies to your holiday menu.

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Lemonade Icebox Pie
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1910s: Icebox Pie

Even though refrigerators were invented in 1913, most Americans still relied on their trusty icebox to keep foods cold. And in the warm summer months, nothing satisfied like a chilly icebox pie. Icebox cakes were popular, too!

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1920s: Whoopie Pies

This New England treat gained popularity in the 1920s thanks to soft, cake-like cookies and gooey, flavorful fillings. One of the most iconic whoopie pies (that you can still buy today!) premiered at Maine’s Labadie’s Bakery in 1925.

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1930s: Vinegar Pie

With limited ingredients, cooks had to get creative during the Great Depression. The result? “Desperation pies”—like this vinegar-filled version. When mixed with sugar, the vinegar mellows out into a sweet-tart, silky smooth custard. One of our writers tried it recently. Here’s what she had to say.

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Apple Pie
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1940s: Apple Pie

Although this classic pie had been around for decades, it gained its iconic status in the 1940s. When asked why they were fighting World War II, many American soldiers reasoned, “for motherhood and apple pie.”

Also, check out these best Christmas pies for your sweet holiday season!

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Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie
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1950s: Jell-O Pie

Nothing screams “the ‘50s” like a box of Jell-O. (Well, except for maybe re-runs of Leave it to Beaver). And we’re pretty sure Mrs. Cleaver would have happily whipped up a gelatinous pie—typically mixed with fruit and poured into a pastry crust. (Still hungry? Check out these recipes inspired by vintage TV shows).

Vegans worry not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can make a vegan pie crust.

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1960s: Grasshopper Pie

Convenience ingredients were super popular in the 1960s—as was the minty green Grasshopper cocktail. Mix these two fads together and—boom!—say hello to the grasshopper pie. This sweet treat combines mint and chocolate for a refreshing after-dinner dessert.

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1970s: Mud Pie

This fudgy treat appeared on dessert menus throughout the ‘70s and quickly exploded in popularity. Every recipe is a little different—some call for ice cream while others are laced with liquor—but the treat’s core ingredient is chocolate (and lots of it!).

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1980s: Pudding Pie

Instant pudding was totally tubular in the ’80s. (And who can forget the invention of pudding pops?!) Needless to say, a simple pudding pie chock full of convenience ingredients was this decade’s dessert of choice. By the way, here’s how to make pudding the ol’ fashioned way.

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Easy Confetti Pie
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1990s: Confetti Pie

In the ’90s, no one could ever get enough rainbow sprinkles. And these tiny confections made their way into everything—from cakes to cookies to pie!

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2000s: Mini Pies

Bite-sized, portable desserts graced dessert tables all throughout the 2000s. And in addition to the decade’s beloved cupcakes, you’d also find an assortment of mini pies. Bonus points if they featured an unusual flavor or ingredient.

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2010s: Allergen-Friendly Pie

This decade has seen a greater acceptance of food allergies, sensitivities and lifestyle choices, so it’s no surprise desserts are getting a makeover. Keep your eye out for pies that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or keto—yet just as delicious as their traditional counterparts.

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