22 Recipes Inspired By Vintage TV Shows

Cook like Edith Bunker, Lucy Ricardo and Caroline Ingalls.

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Inspired By: All in the Family

Edith Bunker cooked comforting dinners like swiss steak for husband Archie Bunker on the television show, All in the Family.
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Inspired By: I Love Lucy

Cuban husband Ricky Ricardo requested Latin cuisine like arroz con pollo, even if Lucy didn’t know what it was. We think he’d like this Cuban rice and beef dinner, too.
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Inspired By: Little House on the Prairie

Caroline Ingalls whipped up hearty food for her family all day long. Farm life requires a filling breakfast, like biscuits and gravy, an energizing lunch and a home-cooked dinner.
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Inspired By: Leave it to Beaver

June Cleaver was a quintessential housewife of the 1950s, cooking a homemade dinner for her family every day. We think Beaver would love to come home to this Salisbury steak.
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Inspired By: The Andy Griffith Show

Where would Andy Taylor and Opie be without Aunt Bee? Probably starving! We’d love some of her Mayberry-famous pancakes, biscuits and potato casserole right now.
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Inspired By: Happy Days

Stop by Arnold’s Drive-In for a milk shake or other typical diner fare and chat with Richie Cunningham, Potsie and the Fonz.
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Inspired By: Gilligan’s Island

We wouldn’t mind being stranded on a tropical island with Gilligan and The Skipper if it meant we could dine on this refreshing, colorful fruit salad.
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Inspired By: M*A*S*H*

Private Igor, resident cook at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, wasn’t known for dishing out exceptional food. He had to make due with what he was given. This spam hash is like something he’d serve, but it actually tastes good!
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Inspired By: The Brady Bunch

Alice Nelson, the Brady’s housekeeper, cooked all kinds of delicious meals for the family, like pork chops. Who could forget Peter’s Humphrey Bogart impression of “pork chops and applesauce”?
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Inspired By: Lassie

After saving Timmy from the well, Lassie deserves a treat. These drool-worthy dog biscuits are peanut butter-flavored…yum!
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Inspired By: The Beverly Hillbillies

Granny was always cooking up something…um…interesting in the Clampett’s California home. Our zesty catfish might be a tad more appealing than her catfish and apricot gumbo soup.
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Inspired By: The Dick Van Dyke Show

In a classic episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Laura Petrie bakes a batch of nut chewy bars for an FBI agent who’s on a stakeout. We bet he wasn’t used to being served such wonderful treats!
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Inspired By: The Lone Ranger

Hi-ho, Silver! After a busy day fighting outlaws in the Wild West, the masked hero and his sidekick, Tonto, deserve a big bowl of cowboy chili.
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Inspired By: Hawaii 5-0

Watching Detective Steve McGarrett catch bad guys in the beautiful state of Hawaii has our mouths drooling for Hawaiian food, like this banana-y pot roast.
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Inspired By: Dallas

Perhaps the Ewing family would get along if they all gathered together for a slice of Texas pecan pie. This particular recipe won a blue ribbon at the Texas State Fair.
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Inspired By: Popeye the Sailor

How did Popeye get so strong? By eating spinach, of course! Eat lots of leafy greens like the sailor did by making this super yummy spinach casserole.
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Inspired By: The Love Boat

Set sail on The Pacific Princess with a mai tai in your hand and love in the air.
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Inspired By: Bonanza

The Cartwrights need a hearty meal fit for a cowboy after spending all day tending the ranch.
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Inspired By: Bewitched

Friends and neighbors didn’t know Samantha Stephens’ secret—she’s a witch! Grab a broom-er, fork- and dig in to this be-witching cheesecake.
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Inspired By: Green Acres

City girl Lisa Douglas had a hard time getting used to country life. Her “hotscakes” are practically inedible, but hubby Oliver finds a use for them in other ways. If you do have a hankering for a pile of hotcakes, try ours.
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Inspired By: Hogan’s Heroes

A French chef in a German POW camp made lots of tasty dishes in the show, Hogan’s Heroes. If commandant Wilhelm Klink wanted to impress guests, chef Louis LeBeau was there to help him do so, making German delicacies such as sauerbraten.
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Inspired By: The Addams Family

They’re creepy and their kooky, this recipe is spooky! The Addams Family is wacky yet lovable, and this cake reminds us of the cemetery next to their house.

Emily Racette Parulski
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