Breadstick Recipes

Nothing beats a warm homemade breadstick as a dinner side dish. Our breadstick recipes, from cheesy to crispy, are sure to please the whole family.

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    Easy Sesame Breadsticks

    1 review

    Thanks to a tube of refrigerated dough, these tender breadsticks come together in a jiffy. Simply bake and top with melted butter and sesame seeds for an easy accompaniment to almost any meal.

    Birdhouse Bread

    Dried rosemary and thyme give a tasty herb flavor and a rustic outdoor appearance to this buttery snack bread that...

    Cupid’s Breadsticks

    Our Test Kitchen home economists encourage you to play with your food and shape refrigerated breadsticks into hearts and arrows!...

    Leg Bones

    Kids can help out with these bone-chilling breadsticks because they're so simple and fun to do. Enjoy them with a...

    Parmesan-Basil Breadsticks

    1 review

    What's not to love about fragrant breadsticks hot from the oven? Round out any Italian meal with these beauties.

    Easy Parmesan Breadsticks

    3 reviews

    These tender and flavorful breadsticks make a fool-proof accompaniment to any meal. You'll love the jazzed up taste that cumin...

    Mini Blue Cheese Rolls

    5 reviews

    Myrtle Albrecht of Cameron Park, California shares Mini Blue Cheese Rolls—a fun, easy way to dress up refrigerated breadsticks.

    Bacon Breadsticks

    1 review

    Nothing is easier then these delicious breadsticks. They are perfect for breakfast or as a side to a hot bowl...

    Caramel Sweet Rolls

    3 reviews

    Our family loves sweet rolls. This is my favorite recipe because it calls for a tube of ready-made breadstick dough,...

    Italian Dipping Sticks

    9 reviews

    This is a favorite snack in our house during the Super Bowl. I season refrigerated breadsticks before baking, then serve...

    Sausage Pizza Casserole

    1 review

    Looking for a healthy dish the whole family will love? Nancy Zimmerman turns to this fast flavorful pizza entree that...

    Pesto Breadsticks

    Our Test Kitchen created these savory breadsticks flavored with garlic pepper and pesto. Whether you serve them with soup, salad...

    Strawberry Breadstick Rolls

    1 review

    For a simple dessert, bake these sweet fruit-topped rolls that call for just six ingredients. They’re so yummy, your family...

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    Cinnamon Swirl Rolls

    When you don't have time to make from-scratch cinnamon rolls, rely on this recipe that begins with refrigerated breadsticks. Employ...

    Sesame Breadsticks

    Try these bread sticks from our Test Kitchen. The not-to-spicy sticks have a mild herb flavor that goes great with...

    Pork Wellington

    This meal is a simple and nutritious way for kids to eat their vegetables. With the tender crust and tasty...

    Rod and Reel Breadsticks

    Convenient refrigerated dough is the key to these reel-y fun and reel-y easy-to-assemble breadsticks. A tasty dusting of sesame seeds,...

    Creepy-Crawly Bugs

    6 reviews

    Who wouldn't want to eat our cute little bugs? Quick and easy prep and undeniable kid appeal make these a...

    Mini Focaccia

    1 review

    —Janice E. Bassing, Racine, Wisconsin

    Italian Garlic Breadsticks

    2 reviews

    A seasoned Parmesan cheese coating gives refrigerated breadsticks a terrific taste twist. The wonderful aroma of these breadsticks baking is...

    Breadstick Bones

    3 reviews

    Tie the ends of lightly-seasoned refrigerated breadsticks into knots to create these Breadstick Bones. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Coconut Pecan Rolls

    1 review

    Your family will enjoy the old-fashioned appeal of these nutty rolls shared by Theresa Gingery of Blue Springs, Nebraska. Convenient...

    Sausage Breadsticks

    2 reviews

    Bring out the kid in everyone by preparing pigs-in-a-blanket with sausage links and refrigerated breadsticks. This old-fashioned finger food is...

    Mummies on a Stick

    9 reviews

    These little hot dogs are all "wrapped up" in Halloween fun. Kids really enjoy them! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Little Snail Rolls

    1 review

    Snails aren't always slow. My daughter and I made these fun coiled rolls together in a half hour. Later, at...

    Prosciutto Breadsticks

    2 reviews

    Pair these breadsticks with your favorite pasta or egg dish. They're a tasty brunch substitute for bacon and toast. —Maria...

    Bacon-Wrapped Breadsticks

    3 reviews

    I first tried these breadsticks at a restaurant and the owner was kind enough to share the recipe. When I...

    Dogs in a Sweater

    8 reviews

    For a new twist on an old favorite, try these skewered hot dogs wrapped with breadstick dough and baked. They're...

    Cinnamon Bread Shapes

    This four ingredient treats rely on convenient refrigerated breadstick dough and feature a tasty topping. After the dough is dipped...

    Potato Chip Breadsticks

    Kids will go for golden-brown breadsticks with their crunchy coating. I like to stand them up in a jar or...