Chicken Soup Recipes

Chicken soup is one of the most-loved soups of all time. Try our chicken soup recipes for chicken noodle soup, chicken vegetable soup, chicken corn chowder, chicken rice soup, slow cooker chicken chili, curry chicken soup and more.

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    The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

    Of all the chicken noodle soup recipes out there, this is my favorite and is in heavy rotation from November to April. It has many incredibly devoted fans.—Gina Nistico, Denver, Colorado

    What Exactly Is in Store-Bought Chicken Stock?

    We know there's a difference between homemade and store-bought chicken broth, but have you ever wondered what companies are using...

    Chicken Soup with Cabbage

    1 review

    Get cozy with this hearty chicken soup with cabbage. Packed full of veggies, it's a wonderful recipe to use up...

    Spanish Chicken Soup

    1 review

    A hearty soup made from scratch is the perfect antidote for chilly weather. Save leftovers for weekday lunches sent to...

    The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

    My first Wisconsin winter was so cold, all I wanted to eat was homemade chicken noodle soup. Of all the...

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    Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

    6 reviews

    Don't be shy about loading up the spices and shredded chicken for this recipe. Slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup tastes amazing...

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    How to Make Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

    There's nothing quite like easy soup recipes on busy nights. Warm up your kitchen and kick up the flavor in...

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    I Made Ina Garten’s Chicken Soup, and It’s Comfort Food for the Soul

    After trying this Ina Garten chicken soup recipe, you may never go back to canned soup.

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    We Made The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tortilla Soup, and It Lived Up to Our Expecta...

    ThePioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup is our new favorite version of this classic soup recipe.

    Thai Meatball Soup

    6 reviews

    This son-approved, Thai-inspired soup—with meatballs, kale, carrots and creamy coconut milk—is warm deliciousness on a chilly day. —Arlene Erlbach, Morton...

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    We Found the 8 Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soup Brands

    Craving something cozy? We found the best canned chicken noodle soup to keep you warm and satisfied.

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    50+ Chicken Soup Recipes from Scratch That’ll Warm the Soul

    Warm up cold nights with these chicken soup recipes made from scratch. We've got classic chicken noodle soup, zesty...

    Ceylon Chicken Curry Noodle Soup

    3 reviews

    This comforting chicken curry noodle soup is a take on a soup I ate during childhood. It is loaded with...

    Quick Chicken Minestrone

    You'll love this flavorful chicken minestrone soup that comes together with pantry ingredients. Dress it up by serving the dish...

    Slow-Cooker Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup

    1 review

    Using the slow cooker takes some of the effort out of making from-scratch meals. The long cook time helps develop...

    Pressure-Cooker Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili

    4 reviews

    A quick and comforting chili that tastes like liquid jalapeno poppers! You cant have just one bowl! —Natasha Galbreath, Spanaway,...

    Grandma’s Pressure-Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

    I've made this soup weekly since I modified my grandma's recipe for the pressure cooker. Chicken soup, especially this one,...

    Pressure-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

    3 reviews

    Your family will thank you for this pressure cooker chicken tortilla soup! Leftovers taste amazing the next day. —Karen Kelly,...

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    Matzo Ball Soup

    1 review

    This traditional matzo ball soup recipe is worth the extra effort. If you prefer, you can add egg noodles instead...

    Our Best Chicken and Rice Soup Recipes

    Cozy up with one of these satisfying soups. We have recipes for chicken and wild rice soup, gumbo, chowder and...

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    30 Crockpot Chicken Soup Recipes for Busy Nights

    Thanks to these Crockpot chicken soup recipes, you can come home to a hearty meal. Rich, chicken-packed recipes are among...

    15 Homemade Soups That Start With a Rotisserie Chicken

    What’s more comforting than soup? Get to your first bowl faster with these easy recipes that start with a rotisserie...

    Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

    4 reviews

    The keys to this amazing chicken matzo ball soup are slow-cooking it and using boxed matzo ball mix. Some people...

    Vietnamese Chicken Meatball Soup with Bok Choy

    6 reviews

    Throughout Vietnam there are many kinds of soups, “canh,” served all year long. I particularly love enjoying this warm, flavorful...

    Lunch-Box Chicken Soup

    3 reviews

    A friend gave me this recipe, and I tweaked a few things to make it healthier. It’s so delicious and...

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    Chipotle Chicken Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings

    2 reviews

    I combined two of my favorite recipes and came up with this filling soup that has a Tex-Mex flair. The...

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    We Tried Chrissy Teigen’s Chicken Pot Pie Soup (And It Was SO Good)

    As a model, author, mom and wife, Chrissy Teigen has a lot on her plate. But she's also a genius...

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    Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

    12 reviews

    This is a wonderful addition to potlucks, and it comes together so easily! Cauliflower makes a nice, extra creamy backdrop...

    French Lentil and Carrot Soup

    9 reviews

    It’s crazy how just a few ingredients can make such a difference. Using finely chopped rotisserie chicken in this recipe...

    General Tso’s Stew

    13 reviews

    I love Asian food and wanted a chili-like soup with the distinctive flavors of General Tso’s chicken. The slow cooker...

    Rave Review Chicken Soup

    13 reviews

    Nice and warm on a cold winter's day, this hearty chicken soup gets rave reviews from my family and friends....