12 of Shania Twain’s Favorite Foods

Updated: Dec. 30, 2021

We're with Shania Twain—a sensible diet balanced out with few splurge-worthy favorites!

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Canadian country singer and songwriter Shania Twain on the blue carpet before US Open 2017 opening night ceremony at Tennis Center in New York
Shutterstock / Leonard Zhukovsky

When it comes to keeping fit, Shania Twain—the “most beautiful woman in country”—is refreshingly down to earth. From dill pickle chips to French fries, the seemingly ageless singer admits that carbs are her number-one temptation. (Same here!) But she’s a dedicated vegetarian who balances clean eating with the occasional indulgence.

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up a collection of recipes inspired by our favorite Canadian country gal.

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Oven Fries

Shania, who worked at McDonald’s in high school, says French fries are her go-to junk food. Whether it’s this cheesy and mouth-watering recipe for poutine, or garlicky thick-cut oven fries, both are perfect for when a savory and salty craving strikes.
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Peach Streusel Pie

The country superstar loves a fresh pastry, especially peach pie. The topping on this delicious peach streusel pie gives it a cobbler-like quality, with the right amount of sweet filling and crunchy crust in every bite.
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Dill Pickle Chips

The singer-songwriter has raved about her love for dill pickle chips. She’s an avid tennis player who also stays active by riding horses, so Shania earns her splurges! You can make oven-fried pickles even more splurge-worthy with a side of ranch, too.

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Curried Quinoa with Chickpeas

Shania Twain loves her vegetables, especially when they are low-carb options also loaded with protein—like this curried quinoa with chickpeas. It’s packed with tomatoes, peppers and other fresh veg.
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Sauteed Squash with Tomatoes & Onions

Speaking of protein, it’s the top priority for Shania Twain’s clean eating regimen. She favors lean options loaded with non-starchy vegetables. This sauteed squash with tomatoes and onions recipe works perfectly!
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Lentil Bowls

Shania Twain’s low-carb lifestyle calls not only for a nutrition-centric focus, but also variety. If we had her over for dinner, we’d make these tomato-garlic lentil bowls for a light and satisfying option.
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Green Salad

To stay full, Shania makes sure she’s eating greens every day, and nuts too. This salad—which is romaine lettuce topped with almonds, strawberries and a delish dressing—is one that Shania would love.

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The singer pulls no punches about the fact that fighting her craving for carbs is a daily challenge. She loves to indulge! This artichoke blue cheese fettuccine is well worth a hard-earned cheat meal.
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Mushroom Gravy

For Christmas, Shania hosts a feast that always includes her tasty homemade gravy. It’s made with morel mushrooms, which you could easily use for this earthy, savory sauce.
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Roasted Potatoes

She also makes a mean roasted potato side dish, as featured in Food That Rocks, a cookbook with recipes from stars like Aerosmith, Patti LaBelle, and of course, Shania. For barbecues, it’s hard to beat this recipe for flavorful roasted potatoes, accented by some of the singer’s favorite herbs.
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Tofu Stir-Fry

Loaded with broccoli, asparagus, spinach and fresh herbs, Shania Twain’s Tofu Scramble is a frequently pinned favorite. Inspired by the singer’s recipe, we’re tempted to try tofu, too, especially in this fresh asparagus tofu stir-fry.

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Raw nuts are a go-to snack for Shania Twain—they’re a nutrition-dense protein that’s easy to pack and portion out, no matter where she is on the road. Walnuts are an especially great option, dressed up with one of our favorite fragrant herbs in this recipe for rosemary walnuts.