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17 Dry Rub Recipes That Will Up Your Grill Game

Time to break out the barbecue! These dry rub recipes will take your next grill-out to Bobby Flay level.

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All-Purpose Meat SeasoningTaste of Home

All-Purpose Meat Seasoning

My wonderful mother-in-law, Margarette, gave me this meat seasoning recipe. I like to sprinkle it over boneless pork tenderloin before baking. —Rebekah Widrick, Beaver Falls, New York

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Dijon-Rubbed Pork with Rhubarb SauceTaste of Home

Dijon-Rubbed Pork with Rhubarb Sauce

This tender pork loin roast served with a rhubarb-orange sauce is simply delicious! Here's an excellent choice for company—it makes a memorable meal. —Marilyn Rodriguez, Sparks, Nevada

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Espresso Steak RubTaste of Home

Espresso Steak Rub

I’m always entering cooking contests and experimenting with big, bold flavor combinations. This espresso-laced spice rub is equal parts sweet, hot and exotic—it's awesome for grilled ribeye. —Sandi Sheppard, Norman, Oklahoma

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Spice-Rubbed RibsTaste of Home

Spice-Rubbed Ribs

For grilling, here's the rub I recommend. It's made with a wonderful blend of spices. If you have some left after making ribs, put it in a shaker and use it another day on pork or beef roasts, tenderloins, steaks and more. It's great alone or under sauce. —Cheryl Ewing, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

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Garlic-Pepper RubTaste of Home

Garlic-Pepper Rub

This rub adds a tasty mix of garlic, pepper and lemon to any burger. Spice up your grilling experience!—Ann Marie Moch, Kintyre, North Dakota


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Sage-Rubbed SalmonTaste of Home

Sage-Rubbed Salmon

If you’ve always thought of sage with turkey, try it with salmon for a little taste of heaven. We serve this with rice, salad and sauteed green beans. —Nicole Raskopf, Beacon, New York

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Savory Steak RubTaste of Home

Savory Steak Rub

Marjoram stars in this recipe. I use the rub on a variety of beef cuts—it locks in the natural juices of the meat for mouthwatering results. A batch will make enough to season four or five steaks. —Donna Brockett, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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Zippy Dry RubTaste of Home

Zippy Dry Rub

Bottles of this spicy blend are fun to share with family and friends. It's a mixture with broad appeal since the rub can be used on all meats or added to rice while it's cooking for a boost of flavor. —Gaynelle Fritsch, Welches, Oregon


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Savory Pork RoastTaste of Home

Savory Pork Roast

I love this herbed roast so much that I make it as often as I can. It's wonderful for special occasions, particularly when served with sweet potatoes and corn muffins. —Edie DeSpain, Logan, Utah

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Basil Pork ChopsTaste of Home

Basil Pork Chops

Just a few ingredients give a tender pork loin chop all the glazed goodness it needs. Serve with your favorite roasted veggies and you’ve got a meal bursting with flavor. —Lisa Gilliland, Fort Collins, Colorado



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Herbed Lemon Pork ChopsTaste of Home

Herbed Lemon Pork Chops

Expect to get plenty of compliments on these fast, flavor-packed chops. They're tender and juicy. —Billi Jo Sylvester, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Creole Seasoning MixTaste of Home

Creole Seasoning Mix

I make up this creole seasoning to have on hand when a recipe calls for Creole or Cajun seasoning. —Marian Platt, Sequim, Washington




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All-Around Seasoning MixTaste of Home

All-Around Seasoning Mix

I always keep this all-purpose seasoning mixture on hand. It’s good on anything, especially grilled pork, chicken and vegetables. We've developed a taste for heat, and this does supply some. —Greg Fontenot, The Woodlands, Texas


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Rosemary-Lemon Sea SaltTaste of Home

Rosemary-Lemon Sea Salt

Making flavored sea salt is so easy. Mix in grated lemon peel and minced rosemary for a delicious way to enhance chicken, fish and salads. —Shelley Holman, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Momma Watts' Crazy Herby Salt BlendTaste of Home

Momma Watts' Crazy Herby Salt Blend

This recipe for a delicious salt blend came from my best friend Annabelle's mom, Mary Watts—"Momma Watts" to me and my friends! Last year I made it for my friends; it's the best gift to make at home. —Ava Romero, South San Francisco, California


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Bistro Herb-Rubbed Pork TenderloinTaste of Home

Bistro Herb-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

A mouthwatering rub featuring fresh tarragon, thyme and rosemary releases rich, bold flavor as this pork entree sizzles. Served with a delectable thickened sauce, it’s crazy good! —Naylet LaRochelle, Miami

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Grilled Lemon-Garlic SalmonTaste of Home

Grilled Lemon-Garlic Salmon

A lot of people fish here on the shore of Lake Michigan, so I've developed quite a few recipes for it, including this grilled salmon recipe. I love it, and so do my friends and family. When it's out of season, I look for wild-caught fresh Alaskan salmon at the grocery store. —Diane Nemitz, Ludington, Michigan


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