Two Moms Shared an Ingenious McDonald’s Ice Cream Hack, and It’s the Perfect Summer Treat

Updated: Apr. 03, 2024

Creamy, crunchy and oh-so-chocolaty.

There’s a lot to love about the McDonald’s secret menu. How can you not feel the desire to take the best menu items and put them together to create something new? As if we didn’t already make enough excuses to visit McDonald’s!

With summer heat on full blast, it’s time to look for hacks that quench our craving for sweet, creamy and cold. That’s why this new McDonald’s ice cream hack is the perfect way to wrap up the end of the season. Hopefully the McDonald’s ice cream machine won’t be out of order.

What Is the McDonald’s Ice Cream Hack?

First shared on TikTok by @janelleandkate, this genius McDonald’s hack has us so ready for more. This dessert is totally doable in the drive-thru. Just remember to bring your own giant container for assembly!

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These two ladies got it goin’ on. To start, you’ll need to bring a large square food container that can fit at least six ice cream cones comfortably. You’ll also want to bring a container of sprinkles from home.

Here’s what to order:

  • 6 vanilla ice cream cones
  • 3 McBakery chocolate chip cookies
  • Side of hot fudge
  • French fries (for dipping)

Start by taking the ice cream cones and flipping them ice cream side down in the container. Grab a plastic spoon and start crushing the cones into the ice cream until they’re thoroughly mixed in. Layer the chocolate chip cookies on top and begin smashing them into your beautiful ice cream concoction.

Drizzle over the hot fudge, finish with sprinkles and dip your McDonald’s fries to your heart’s content!

How Else Could You Hack McDonald’s Ice Cream?

While this hack is wonderful just the way it is, there’s always an opportunity for something new. Try adding peanuts, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream for a giant banana split. Add in crushed Oreos for cookies and cream action, or even some M&M’s for a massive makeshift McFlurry. However you mix it, it’s going to be tasty.

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