People Are Combining Coffee with Ice Cream at McDonald’s for the Best Caffeine Fix

You'll want to make the McBassett all summer!

If you’re a coffee lover, it’s not hard to latch on to coffee trends. All the endless combinations on the Starbucks secret menu? Count us in! And don’t forget about creamy, whipped dalgona coffee, which took the world by storm in 2020.

But the trend everyone is trying this summer? It’s coffee with ice cream at McDonald’s, or “the McBassett.”

How to Order a McBassett Iced Coffee

The McBassett couldn’t be simpler to make. It all starts by hitting your favorite McDonald’s drive-thru. First, order an iced black coffee like TikTok creator @snackqween, then order a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone along with it.

Take a few sips from your coffee to make a bit of room at the top, and then dip the ice cream cone right in the drink at an angle.

Swirl the cone around to incorporate the ice cream into the coffee, and then leave the cone angled on the side of the cup to achieve the perfect look. The sweet, cool ice cream will be incorporated into the coffee, making it that much creamier. Don’t want to make a trip to the drive-thru? Learn how to make McDonald’s iced coffee at home.

@snackqweenI think I like it better than their flavored iced coffees #mcdonalds♬ Neneng B – Instrumental – Roko Tensei

How Did This Trend Start?

While it was only a matter of time before we all started embracing 2021 and throwing ice cream in our coffee for summer, this trick actually has roots elsewhere. A popular coffee shop in South Korea, Paul Bassett, is known for its ice cream latte. But because this indulgent treat is hard to find outside of South Korea, it was reinvented in a way that everyone could try and enjoy it.

The McBassett hack not only makes this drink much more accessible, but it’s also a more cost-effective way to get the drink. Here’s to the summer of ice cream plus coffee!

Molly Allen
Molly Allen is a previous bakery owner and former event planner. Now, a freelance writer and editor focused on food and beverage, lifestyle, travel and parties, she brings her years of experience and industry knowledge to readers across a variety of platforms.