Moms Are Making Capri Sun Popsicles Right Now—and They’re Perfect for Summer

Capri Sun popsicles will be a hit at the kids' table!

The warm weather approaching means that chilled treats are in. It’s time to take a bowl of pasta salad from the fridge and pass it around at your neighborhood block party, or pack some cold deli sandwiches for a picnic. And parents, if you’re in the mood for drinks, check out this list of refreshing summer drinks for your next barbecue—we’re talking sangria, blended margaritas and more.

Finding something for the kids is a bit trickier, though, since they tend to be picky about snacks. With this TikTok hack, watch how one mom turns a Capri Sun juice pouch into a popsicle. Her genius method is quick and no-fuss.

How to Make Capri Sun Popsicles

You need to make room in your freezer! This video from @howdoesshe will have you making popsicles every other day of the week, it’s honestly that easy.

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The first thing you’ll need is a couple of Capri Sun juice pouches, which you can find at almost any grocery store. Then, take the plastic straw that comes with Capri Suns and carefully pierce a hole through the bottom of the pouch. Make sure you flip it over beforehand to avoid getting juice all over your floor!

To finish up your Capri Sun popsicle, insert a straw or popsicle through the opening and place it upright in the freezer. The final step? Use a scissors to cut open the Capri Sun pouch so the kids can enjoy a chilly treat!

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