Behold: Pedialyte Popsicles Are the Ultimate Summer Hangover Hack

Updated: Aug. 17, 2023

People are using this clever remedy to beat summertime hangovers. But how do Pedialyte popsicles help folks feel better?

Pedialyte is a parent-trusted brand. From ready-to-drink electrolyte solutions to powder packets, thousands of people rely on their hydration products for both sports and sick days. Pedialyte products are traditionally associated with fighting dehydration in kids, but social media users are finding a new use for this wellness brand. Recently, Pedialyte popsicles went viral on TikTok as a hack for curing hangovers—and we’re loving the idea! But what makes these frozen pops a practical alternative to sports drinks?

What are Pedialyte popsicles?

Pedialyte popsicles aren’t your average sugary pops. These freezer treats come in four flavors: grape, blue raspberry, orange and cherry. Each pop boasts a meager 3 grams of sugar, so they’re healthier than most sports drinks, ice cream products and juices.

They may be small at only 2 ounces, but Pedialyte popsicles are packed with electrolytes that hydrate more effectively than plain water. In case you’ve heard the term but aren’t familiar with what they are, electrolytes are minerals, like sodium, calcium and potassium. They’re essential to many of the body’s functions, from moving nutrients to cells to balancing the body’s pH level.

Each box arrives brimming with 16 convenient, ready-to-freeze popsicle sleeves filled with Pedialyte’s electrolyte solution. The small size means they take up little room in coolers, so pack them with a selection of summertime drinks for sunny activities like beach games and hikes.

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How to Enjoy Pedialyte Popsicles

We’ve all indulged a little too much during happy hour. The resulting headache and mental fog that comes with a hangover is enough to make some people swear off cocktails for good. Pedialyte popsicles are a good solution to a “few too many,” so there’s no need to retire your Bartesian cocktail machine just yet.

Using Pedialyte popsicles is as simple as popping them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Then, enjoy one when you need a boost of hydration. They’re a worthy supplement to our coveted Stanley tumbler that’s filled with plenty of H2O, and just as portable! Plus, chances are that you would be reaching for an ice pop on a hot summer day anyway, and these do double duty the morning after some excited sipping.

What Other People Are Saying

Overall, reviewers comment on the tastiness, ease-of-use and powerful hydration power of the pops.

I love these, I use them for hangovers all the time. Also good for sick kids,” notes Brianna, a five-star reviewer.

“Love these so much,” writes verified purchaser, Morgan Hitt. “They’re absolutely delicious and make for a quick hydration. I love taking these to the pool or just when I get back from a long work day, they’re always great and super refreshing. Besides that, I drink plenty of water but I don’t replenish my electrolytes as I should. This is my favorite supplementation to assist with that!”

Alexia Russell, another five-star reviewer, says, “Whether you’re battling norovirus or a hangover, these popsicles will save the day! Don’t give it a second thought and order double what you think you need (great to keep in the pantry for restocking as you use them).”

Where to Buy Pedialyte Popsicles

Pedialyte Popsicles Pack Of 64 Via Merchant EcommVia Merchant

Pedialyte popsicles are available on Amazon, and a pack of 64 pops retails at a generous $23. Smaller 16-pop packs are available for around $14. Pick up a box to beat dehydration during beach days or backyard summer parties!

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