Rustic & Chic Country Thanksgiving Ideas

Celebrate the season with a country Thanksgiving. This homey theme gives life on the farm a modern meaning.

Escape to simpler times this Thanksgiving by planning a country-themed meal.

This natural theme celebrates fresh flavors and homey decor, and it builds in plenty of time for family. We’ll show you how to plan a rustic menu, set a farmhouse-inspired table and express gratitude for life’s blessings together.

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A country-inspired Thanksgiving menu revolves around farm-fresh ingredients and simple flavors. Guests should find dishes that evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort—try to remind them of something Grandma used to make!

When planning the menu, we suggest sticking with traditional dishes and ingredients, but adding rustic twists. Elevate the turkey, for example, with a honey and herb glaze. Or glaze green beans with maple syrup. A main dish, plus three to five sides (and dessert!) is a good starting point. Aim for a variety of textures and flavors.

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How to Set a Country Thanksgiving Table

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When setting the table, aim for a farmhouse feel. Warm, neutral colors, mixed textures and functional pieces can all give you that rustic vibe. For our table setting, we stuck with simple white plates, then dressed them up with buffalo-check napkins and woven placemats. For serveware, we tried out metal tubs, neutral casserole dishes and wire baskets.

Since the focus of this holiday table is the food, there’s not a ton of need (or room!) for a centerpiece. But one or two small, decorative accents can effortlessly complete the look. We chose to put fragrant potpourri in a galvanized metal dish and top it with a dried wheat stalk. You could also decorate with mini pumpkins and gourds, dried leaves or a collection of cotton branches.

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How to Give Thanks: Thankful Tree

Before you dig into your Thanksgiving feast, consider reflecting on the true meaning of the holiday. We suggest setting up a Thankful tree.

All you need to do is arrange a collection of long twigs (real or faux) in a tall vase. Then, set out paper leaves, pens and ribbons for your guests to write out what they’re thankful for. Hang the leaves on the “tree,” then spend some time as a group expressing blessings. This is a great activity for guests to do before dinner or when there’s a lull in the action, and it’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

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