Thanksgiving Recipes

We’ve got everything you need to plan the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner: juicy turkey recipes, traditional side dishes (including stuffing) and easy holiday desserts. Get ready to gobble!

Steamed Cranberry Pudding

One Christmas, my husband—a Navy chaplain for 20 years—had to spend the holiday overseas, away from our two children and me. He asked that I send him this recipe so he could have a taste of home. Steamed Cranberry Pudding has been in my file for more than 30 years. It was passed on by a fellow teacher who was retiring. Her family had long enjoyed it, using their own homemade sorghum molasses as a special ingredient. Chuck and I now live in a log home in a wooded area. We're visited regularly by armadillos, raccoons, wild pigs, deer, bobcats and other creatures. We enjoy watching them—but they make it difficult to establish a compost pile!