2-Ingredient Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

These easy two-ingredient dessert recipes are simple and delicious. Plus, minimal ingredients means less cleanup!

If you have a sweet tooth, you know what it’s like to plot your dessert all day or get hit with a late-night craving—sometimes you just need something sweet. But even easy dessert recipes may call for lots of ingredients that you don’t have on hand. When you’re too impatient for an elaborate homemade treat, turn to these two-ingredient desserts.

Our Best 2-Ingredient Desserts

These recipes use just two ingredients (even if one of them includes multiple components, like cake mix). If you’re looking for simple recipes but are willing to use a few more ingredients, check out our 5-ingredient dessert recipes.

Bunny Tails

This 2-ingredient "bunny tails" recipe calls for white baking chips and shredded coconut.Taste of Home

Melted white baking chips and shredded coconut are all you need to make these sweet treats, which are great for both Easter and the winter holidays.

Editor’s tip: There are multiple ways to melt chocolate—you can use any method to melt the baking chips in this recipe.

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Healthy Banana Chocolate “Ice Cream”

chocolate ice cream over a beige backgroundgetty images (2)

This recipe doesn’t actually include any cream. With just frozen ripe bananas and cocoa powder, you can whip up a healthy, ice cream-like treat. Enjoy it plain or add toppings like berries, whipped cream and sprinkles.

Editor’s tip: If you have a surplus of browning bananas on your hands, these ripe banana recipes will give you more ideas for how to use them up.

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Oreo Popsicles

Two-ingredient Oreo popsicles side by side.Courtesy @yackikuka/instagram

This recipe starts with a package of Oreos—and you don’t even need to take them out of the bag! Simply crush up the cookies in a single-serving bag, pour in milk or cream, add a popsicle stick and freeze.

Editor’s tip: To take it up a notch, cover the frozen popsicles in melted chocolate and more crushed cookies, and then freeze again for a creamy, chocolate-coated treat. (And if you’re still craving this classic cookie, try our other Oreo recipes.)

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Lemon Bark

2-ingredient lemon bark made with white baking chips and lemon candies.Taste of Home

Transform white baking chips and hard lemon candies into a tart, sweet treat. With some cute packaging, they make a great favor for baby showers and wedding showers.

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Soda Cake

This 2-ingredient recipe calls for cake mix and a can of soda.Susan Bronson/Taste of Home

This recipe gets away with just two ingredients because one of them is cake mix. (Cake mix can be very versatile—we have dozens of other recipes that start with a box of cake mix.) From there, all you need is a 12-oz. can of a carbonated beverage like soda or sparkling water.

Editor’s tip: Try vanilla cake mix and orange soda to get an orange creamsicle cake, or spice cake mix and ginger ale for a ginger spice cake.

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Instant Rice Krispies Treats

This 2-ingredient recipe makes Rice Krispies treats almost instantly.Via @nicole_thenomad/TikTok

Instead of eating Rice Krispies cereal in a bowl with milk, try it in a bowl with melted marshmallows—it’s like getting to enjoy a batch of homemade Rice Krispies Treats without having to wait for the baking.

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This 2-ingredient palmiers recipe calls for sugar and puff pastry.Taste of Home

These French pastries look fancy, but all you need to make them is one sheet of puff pastry dough and a cup of sugar. Here’s a list of desserts for two that are perfectly portioned.

Editor’s tip: If you like these palmiers (which are sometimes called palm leaves or elephant ears), try our other easy puff pastry dessert recipes.

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Chocolate Ganache

This 2-ingredient chocolate ganache recipe calls for semisweet chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream.Taste of Home

This chocolate ganache recipe calls for semisweet chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream. It can be spreadable or pourable, depending on the consistency you’re going for. (Here’s how to make ganache, step by step.)

Editor’s tip: You can eat chocolate ganache with a spoon, dip fruit into it or spread it on graham crackers. If you’re willing to do some extra baking, add it to other desserts, like this Ganache-Topped Chocolate Cake.

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Strawberry Apple Cream Pops

These 2-ingredient popsicles are made with strawberry yogurt and apple juice concentrate.Taste of Home

With just strawberry yogurt and apple juice concentrate, you can make the perfect homemade summery treat. (You’ll also need popsicle sticks and either paper cups or a popsicle mold.)

Editor’s tip: Here’s how to make popsicles, whether you have a mold or not.

Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds

2-ingredient chocolate pomegranate seedsTaste of Home

This recipe’s ingredients are pretty clear from the title: pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate chips. You can also add sea salt, crushed nuts or shredded coconut for some extra texture and flavor.

Editor’s tip: If you don’t have pomegranate seeds on hand, you can adapt this recipe for pretty much any fruit—try strawberries, raspberries, bananas or apples.

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Chocolate Balloon Bowls

These 2-ingredient chocolate bowls are made with two kinds of melted chocolate.Taste of Home

All you need is some bittersweet chocolate, white baking chocolate and a balloon, and you can create chocolate bowls for serving fruit, ice cream or mousse. This is the perfect way to elevate simple desserts for special dinners or gatherings.

Even More 2-Ingredient Desserts

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