How to Make Super Easy and Super Delicious 2-Ingredient Oreo Popsicles

My freezer is going to be nothing but Oreo popsicles all summer long.

When it comes to social media, new trends come and go faster than the eye can see. There’s no doubt you’ve heard of whipped coffee (which you should totally try if you haven’t already) or the vegan bacon recipe that basically everyone was talking about. Whatever it may be, we can always count on our fellow creative humans to help us totally level up our food game.

The next great internet food trend is coming at us from Instagram, and it’s definitely going to complete your summer.

How to Make DIY Oreo Popsicles

Two ingredient oreo popsicles side by sideCourtesy @yackikuka/instagram

I think it’s safe to say that, besides Oreos being one of my favorite kinds of cookies, my go-to summer treat is anything that has to do with cookies and cream. It’s got just the right amount of chocolate and sweet to cool me down on a sunny day out by the pool. So, if you’re anything like me, listen closely. I’ve got the perfect popsicle for you.

Instagram user @yackikuka graced us with a how to video on creating your own Oreo popsicles, not long after, our Test Kitchen posted a recipe test on the @tasteofhome Instagram:

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First things first, grab a single package of Oreos, which you can find at basically any supermarket or convenience store. After that, break the Oreos inside the package itself. Be careful not to break the seal—you’ll need that intact for later!

When the cookies are crumbled up, cut the very tip of the package off all the way across. Next, simply take milk (or a dairy-free option if you prefer that) and pour into the open package until it’s almost full. Then, place a popsicle stick in the middle, carefully place it in the freezer and voila! In just a few hours, you’ll have some tasty summer treats to munch on.

If you’re making a batch, it’s a good idea to have a container handy for lining up your popsicles. Remember to be gentle when placing them in the freezer—you won’t want them falling over before they harden. I know for a fact I’ll be trying these ASAP!

Melany Love
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