This Viral Video Shows You How to Make Crunchy Bread, a Genius 2-Ingredient Snack

The best thing since sliced bread? CRUNCHY BREAD.

After bringing us fluffy cloud bread over the summer, TikTok is back with another culinary miracle that’s making me drool. I’d never heard of crunchy bread until I saw this video, and now I’m hooked. I’ve always been a fan of French toast and monkey bread. It turns out crunchy bread is similar, but making it requires a lot less hassle.

How to Make Crunchy Bread

Like most of TikTok’s breakfast hacks, making this bread is really simple. First, you slice a piece of bread into evenly sized cubes. TikTok user @salt_to_taste uses a simple white bread, but I bet you could experiment with sourdough, wheat or even pumpernickel. (Check out our guide to all the different types of bread if you need help making a decision.)

Next, prepare an egg wash by whisking an egg vigorously. You can also add a pinch of salt if it suits your taste. Dump your cubed bread into the egg wash and stir it around until the bread is evenly coated.

Then dump the bread cubes into a nonstick pan, where you should fry it well on both sides. The cubes of bread should stick together as you fry, so when the bread is finished, you’re left with a crunchy pull-apart snack!

@salt_to_tasteCrunchy bread with egg. so simple but delicious snack. put Honey 🍯 on top and enjoy 😉 Keep smiling, Love you all. 😊 ❤️

♬ original sound – Salt to taste

What Can I Do with Crunchy Bread?

Your kids will love digging into this dish for breakfast in the morning. You can pair this crunchy bread with maple syrup for a delicious spin on French toast, or leave it plain for a twist on eggs and toast. I personally recommend dusting your crunchy bread with cinnamon for more of a monkey bread effect!

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