Pack Snacks Like the Ultimate Pro With This Viral Hack

Updated: Apr. 05, 2023

Pack all your favorite snacks in one handy-dandy container.

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With so many delicious snacks out there, it can be hard to resist chowing down all day. You might be into bowls and bowls of potato chips, candy, cookies or even veggies—everyone’s got their own palate. But sometimes, you want to snack outside the home!

Well, that’s where this genius snack hack comes in. Whether you’re looking to tote along work snacks or pack something for the kids to munch on, this is the perfect way to pack ’em up clean and easy!

How to Pack Snacks

We had the pleasure of stumbling upon this convenient and genius idea from TikTok user @lubbyy216. We can’t get enough!

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It’s all about knowing your favorite snacks. Are you a cracker or veggie gal? Do you like lots of cheese or lots of ranch? We’re all different, and that’s why this snack pack hack works for everyone.

In the video, she starts with five made-for-snacking containers that include a long side for meats, cheeses and veggies and a short, separated side made for dips and other assorted items. This way the two sides don’t mix. She starts by loading up three of the long sides with slices of her preferred meats and cheeses and stacking crackers in the smaller portion. For the last two, she loads up the long sides with carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices while adding ranch to the smaller side. Lunchables who?

Here’s the fun part… you can do what you want! Try adding some trail mix on the long side with some cookies on the short side. Maybe you want some homemade chicken nuggets on the long side with barbecue sauce on the short side. Whatever your heart desires, you can make happen. You can even help avoid some clean-up by lining the dipping side with cupcake liners or small bags so things don’t get so messy.

Where Can I Get the Snack Pack Boxes?

While she managed to snag these cute little containers from her local Dollar Tree, it seems like they aren’t always readily available. We found some similar multi-chamber snack boxes on Amazon as well as Snack’n’Dip containers from Target. You can also grab these Snack Attack To Go containers from Walmart in a bunch of fun colors. Happy snacking!