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15 Snacks That Are So Easy to Make from Scratch

You might never buy crackers or snack mix again—they're easy snacks you can make at home. Read on for recipes that are simple and so good!

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Granola Bars

Does your family chew their way through boxes of peanut butter chocolate-chip granola bars? You’ll love this recipe for a homemade version. The recipe is simple enough that it could make for a fun afternoon activity with the kids… but be careful not to eat too much of the mix-ins!

Don’t miss our step-by-step granola bar guide.

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snacks you can make from scratchDeb Perelman / Smitten Kitchen

Whole Wheat Goldfish

When you make them yourself, you don’t have to stop at fish… you can make these fun cheesy crackers in any shape that you’d like! This recipe from Smitten Kitchen shows any home cook how to make their own version of the snack that smiles back.

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snacks you can make from scratchAmy's Healthy Baking

Chocolate Teddy Grahams

You probably didn’t think you could make this fun-filled snack at home, but you can. (Believe it or not, they’re actually better homemade.) This step-by-step recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking duplicates that crunchy sweetness in Teddy Grahams with only six ingredients.

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Pizza Rolls

Sure, it’s not as fast as popping a plate in the microwave, but these homemade pizza rolls taste way better than the kind you can get at the store—try them for yourself and find out!

Here are all the reasons we love homemade pizza.

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snacks you can make from scratchDessert for Two

Fruit Snacks

This clever recipe from Dessert For Two combines carrots, mango, strawberry and beets, making them way healthier than your average pack of fruit snacks. What better way to sneak in those daily servings of fruits and vegetables?

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Chex Mix

No party is complete without a bowl of snack mix! Remix this Chex classic with sweet and salty flavors. You can make it in much larger quantities than store-bought mixes, which will save plenty of money for the party budget.

For more spins on snack mix, check out this collection.

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snacks you can make from scratchThe Decorated Cookie


These addictive layers of salty wheat are hard to duplicate in the kitchen, but The Decorated Cookie found the perfect method to getting that delicious crunch. (It’s so salty and wonderful.) Even better? You’ll only need three ingredients!

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Homemade Honey Grahams Exps Cwjj22 173086 Md 02 11 6b 11

Graham Crackers

These homemade honey grahams are the ultimate upgrade for your s’mores… but they also make a delicious, simple snack any time of day, all on their own.
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Fruit Pops

There’s no need to make a mad dash to the grocery store when you’ve got a freezer, fresh fruit and popsicle molds! Making fruit pops at home allows you to make them as healthy—or as flavorful—as you’d like!

Stay cool with our top popsicle recipes.

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snacks you can make from scratchKitchen Joy

Ritz Crackers

They’re dangerous—once you eat one, you’ll want to eat the whole sleeve! This recipe from Kitchen Joy makes the perfect flaky, buttery, crisp texture without needing to step foot in a store.

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Trail Mix

For something that’s so easy to duplicate on your own, trail mix is typically on the more expensive end of snack prices. Save some cash by making this mash!
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Soft Beer Pretzels Exps114654 Th132767b05 10 2bc Rms 5

Soft Pretzels

Bring the movie theater concession stand into your kitchen by making these mouthwatering pretzels right at home. It’s the perfect salty snack, with or without a cheesy dipping sauce.
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snacks you can make from scratchKatrina's Kitchen


If the cheddar crunch of these snack crackers is your ideal afternoon snack, look no further than this recipe from Katrina’s Kitchen. She even found a way to duplicate that adorable square shape—in a bite-sized package!

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snacks you can make from scratchDeb Perelman / Smitten Kitchen

Wheat Thins

Making these DIY wheat thins from Smitten Kitchen will save you money AND provide a healthier snack swap for your whole family. It’s tough to get the crackers rolled thin enough, but you’ll want to give these a try if you love the whole wheat crackers as much as I do.

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Classic Hummus Exps Mbtbz18 132908 D02 27 4b 2


With so many homemade cracker recipes, you don’t want to settle for store-bought hummus! It’s so easy to make. This recipe explains how to break down the chickpeas yourself and make a lick-the-bowl-clean dip to complement any chip, cracker or carrot.

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