This Butter Hack Is Going Viral and You Need to Try It

Wondering how to open a butter packet? This TikTok hack makes it super easy.

Butter does make everything better. Whether it’s salted butter for bagels or sweet butter for baking, all varieties of butter have value. We love to add it to our baked potatoes and fresh loaves of bread.

However, sometimes trying to figure out how to open a butter packet can get sort of messy. They are hard to open and if the butter has begun to melt, it’ll often smear everywhere as we’re trying to get the package open. We want it on our knives to smear onto our food, and not on our hands or clothes.

How Did a Pat of Butter End Up in a Foil Packet?

Butter wasn’t always kept in a foil packet. What we think of now as a “pat” or packet of butter probably started out in restaurants as a small amount of butter given in a bowl or on a plate, either to each diner or in a communal bowl. Nowadays, you might still see it that way at some restaurants, sometimes shaped into a flower or other pretty shape.

However, serving butter this way meant that restaurants couldn’t always offer their customers consistent quality. Industrialization offered a solution—butter cutters that would cut perfect pats of butter that could be wrapped for hotels and restaurants. Depending on how far it had to travel or the climate where was kept, keeping it in small wrapped packages kept it neat and helped to avoid melting and mess in transit. Of course, opening those butter packets became a new issue for consumers—until we came upon this hack.

Curious about how much butter you’re eating? This is the number of calories in a pat of butter.

How to Open a Butter Packet

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We’re all about hacks to make our lives easier, and that includes enjoying butter. It’s incredible how easy this hack makes it to open a butter packet without mess or fuss. Just use a fork to spear the butter packet, and then squeeze it onto whatever you’re enjoying it on. The butter will come right out and avoid any peeling or opening.

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