8 Super Easy Snack Ideas Anyone Can Put Together

Need a grab-and-go snack box for your afternoon slump or a stack of treats ready for your kids? The snack ideas here are perfect for every between-meals situation.

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Maybe you want a li’l something for breakfast on the go. You might have a post-lunch, pre-dinner stretch that begs for a treat. (Here’s why you run out of energy mid-day.) Maybe it’s for the late-night cravings you want to satisfy.

When hunger hits—these clever snack box ideas will have you covered!

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Crunch It Up

When you’re craving something crispy and crunchy, put together a snack box that blends your favorite nuts with dried cereal, and add some raisins or other dried fruit for a side of sweetness. Things like salted pistachios, macadamia nuts or sweet and spicy mixed nuts are great choices.

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Pinwheel appetizers
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Power Through with Peanut Butter

Need a protein-packed boost that will stave off cravings until dinner? Box up these easy peanut butter granola pinwheels with green grapes and baby carrots for a tasty snack you—and your kids—will love.

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Ladybug ladybird healthy lunch box
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Make Something for Your Love Bugs

Up the cuteness factor of a simple sandwich by cutting the bread in the shape of a circle and topping it with ladybug wings and eyes made from Swiss cheese and raisins. Bonus points for a baby ladybug crafted from Babybel cheese! Keep the sides—kiwi, tomato and cucumber slices—neatly organized with muffin cups.

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PB&J on a stick
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Channel Your Inner Child

Sometimes you just want a childhood favorite like peanut butter and jelly. PB&J on a stick ramps up the fun with—you guessed it—skewers. Box ’em up with grapes and bananas. To keep the banana slices from browning, brush them with lemon juice.

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Healthy meal prep or lunch for work and school
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Serve Chips and Salsa, Only Better

Open a bag of your favorite tortilla chips to eat with one of these 10 tasty salsas. Serve with a healthy side of brown rice and kale for a boost from nutrients like fiber, protein, manganese and folate.

Psst… We found the best chips to snack on!

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Chunky apple snack cake
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Be the Apple of My Eye

Pecans add a nutty crunch to this chunky apple snack cake your family will love. Go decadent—serve it up in a snack box with slices of apple, candied pecans and homemade apple butter on the side.

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Tasty vegetarian take away food in plastic lunch box on light background.
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Keep your snack box simple and nutritious with a variety of veggies and a delicious dip. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots and zucchini slices give you a range of textures and flavors to enjoy. With so many delicious dips to try, this snack can be slightly different every time.

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Find the Flavors of Italy

Pack an easy, tasty box with a combination of cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, salami, olives and fresh basil plus red pepper tapenade and crusty Italian bread. (If you opened a nice bottle of Chianti with this one, we wouldn’t blame you.)

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