This Viral Video Shows You How to Make a Slushie with Soda

Updated: Feb. 16, 2023

I can't even count how many Dr. Pepper slushies I'll be making this summer.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve had some kind of fruit-flavored slushie in your lifetime. Whether it’s an Icee at the movie theater or 7-Eleven’s famous Slurpee), they always manage to hit the spot. They’re much more refreshing than a regular cold beverage, especially on a hot day.

Now, you could take your favorite drink and throw it into the blender with some ice, but we’ve got a better solution. This clever, carbonated hack will have you sippin’ on soda slushies all summer!

How to Make a Homemade Soda Slushie

Learning how to make frozen drinks is easy, and this recipe is no different. All you really need is a bottle of your favorite soda and room in your freezer.

First, grab a bottle of soda (or one of these healthy alternatives). Then, give it a few good shakes to really get the fizz going. When you’ve shaken it to your heart’s content, place it in the freezer for around 3-1/2 hours. Once the time’s up, rescue the bottle from its icy home and crack the cap just a tad to let some carbonation out.

Finally, turn the bottle upside down, watch it freeze and pour your delicious masterpiece into a cup. Get ready to slurp!

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For a boozy beverage, learn how to make White Claw slushies.

More Ways to Make a Soda Slushie

While this TikTok hack is amazing enough, there are some alternative ways to get the “slushie effect” after you’ve frozen your soda. Place a bowl in the freezer alongside your soda. When you take the soda out, pop the cap slightly just like before, but this time pour the liquid into the frosty bowl. It’ll freeze right before your eyes!

You can even put your soda into a room temperature bowl and drop in a single ice cube. The whole thing will ice over like a magic trick. No matter how you choose to slush up your soda, we know you’ll have a good time!

Plus, if you don’t feel like buying a slushee, you may enjoy trying out this mogu mogu drink!

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