German Chocolate Recipes

Among our most popular desserts are these recipes with german chocolate. Traditional german chocolate cake is a must-try for bakers.

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    Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake

    10 reviews

    I'm a teenager who loves to bake and have won several ribbons at the county fair. When we're asked to take a dish to a potluck, I often help my mom make it. This scrumptious cake is easy to transport and fun to serve because everyone likes it!
    -Abigail Crawford, Lake Butler, Florida

    Chocolate Cheese Pie

    1 review

    Mark and I were married in a casual outdoor ceremony. Our "wedding cake" consisted of 30 delicious cheesecakes, including this...

    German Chocolate Cream Pie

    6 reviews

    "This lovely light-textured pie is simple to whip up ahead of time yet looks and tastes like you fussed," assures...

    Decadent Fudge Cake

    7 reviews

    Everyone loves the rich flavor in this decadent cake made with four types of chocolate. —Anna Hogge, Yorktown, Virginia

    Mocha-Orange Cheesecake

    I get raves every time I serve this cake as dessert. The tartness of the orange, with a little kick...

    Chocolate Chip Snack Cake

    8 reviews

    Instant pudding mix and cake mix cut the preparation time for this delicious cake that is loaded with grated chocolate...

    German Chocolate Ice Cream

    2 reviews

    I found this recipe years ago and have been taking it to ice cream socials ever since. But you won't...

    Double Chocolate Fudge

    1 review

    If you love chocolate, here's a receipt that's sure to please. This rich treat is a favorite of our family.

    Upside-Down German Chocolate Cake

    7 reviews

    This simple recipe yields a delectable German chocolate cake that folks will "flip over"! The tempting coconut and pecan "frosting"...

    Almond Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Curls

    1 review

    “I’ve been making this recipe since the 70s, and it’s often requested by family and friends. It’s popular not only...

    German Chocolate Lazy Daisy Cake

    Traditional German chocolate cake gets a whole new spin with this inventive version that's finished off under the high heat...

    Frozen Chocolate Crunch

    An original recipe of mine, this cool and crunchy concoction has won prizes in a couple of recipe contests. Everyone...

    Double Delights

    3 reviews

    You get the best of both worlds with these chocolate and vanilla cookies. They're an appealing addition to any cookie...

    German Chocolate Pecan Truffles

    My sister-in-law, Jennifer, loves German chocolate. With her in mind, I experimented in the kitchen and came up with nutty...

    German Chocolate Brownies

    6 reviews

    Even as a young girl, I was always going through recipe books in search of something new to make. That's...

    Makeover German Sweet Chocolate Cake

    "This is a delicious family recipe that I just love," writes Patricia Peebles from Springfield, Missouri. It's been slimmed-down using,...

    Pistachio-Chocolate Chiffon Roll

    This cake roll keeps well in the freezer; just thaw and glaze before serving. I sometimes add crushed peppermint candies...

    Million-Dollar Chocolate Fudge

    1 review

    As the name suggests, this candy tastes like a million bucks! The recipe came from a local cooking show, which...

    Chocolate-Filled Raspberry Meringues

    "Whenever I serve these pretty pink meringue cups filled with fluffy chocolate mousse, I get compliments," notes Millie Charles of...

    German Chocolate Birthday Cake

    10 reviews

    This moist, flavorful cake was the traditional birthday cake at our house when I was growing up. Everyone requested it....

    German Chocolate Fondue

    3 reviews

    German sweet chocolate gives rich flavor to this simple specialty from Helen Phillips. Just a handful of ingredients and a...

    Miniature Spiced Chocolate Cakes

    2 reviews

    In keeping with chocolate's association with Valentine's Day, our home economists created these individual chocolate cakes. Set out two forks...

    Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

    12 reviews

    Whenever I take these to a gathering, someone will usually announce. "Lisa brought those brownies"—and everyone knows exactly which ones...

    Chocolate Lover’s Delight Cake

    7 reviews

    For years my husband and I belonged to a supper club and I always made the desserts. This light, flavorful...

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    Triple Chocolate Fudge

    8 reviews

    This recipe makes more than enough to share with family and friends. It's the ultimate yummy gift! —Linette Shepherd, Williamston,...

    Smooth Chocolate Pie

    4 reviews

    My mom and I made this chocolate pie, just the two of us, and our whole family got to enjoy...

    Simple Macadamia Nut Fudge

    3 reviews

    My aunt now lives in Hawaii, and she keeps our family supplied with fresh pineapples, mangos and macadamia nuts...along with...

    Chocolate Chip Cake

    3 reviews

    It's hard to believe this wonderfully moist chocolate cake starts with a cake mix and is so easy to make!

    Mama’s Million-Dollar Fudge

    1 review

    No other fudge I've tasted comes close to the smooth, chocolate taste of this recipe, which my mother-in-law introduced me...

    German Chocolate Upside Down Cake

    This recipe is my mother's—she's an excellent baker and cook. There was always some new food for my three brothers...