Potato Salad Recipes

Looking for potato salad recipes? Find delicious potato salad recipes including sweet potato salads, easy potato salads, and more potato salad recipes and ideas.

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    Grandma’s Top Tips for Making Potato Salad

    Whether you're making Grandma's classic potato salad or a fun-and-funky modern version, we know a few tricks for making potato salad taste fantastic.

    Tex-Mex Potato Salad

    I created this Tex-Mex potato salad for one of my cooking classes, and it was a hit. It's perfect for...

    Green Goddess Vegan Potato Salad

    Don't be fooled by the green color—this vegan potato salad is absolutely delicious! It's perfect for potlucks and for those...

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    35 Potato Salad Recipes For Your Summer BBQ

    Anyway you slice it, these potato salad recipes are perfect for your summer grill out!

    Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad

    5 reviews

    I love the velvety taste and texture of sweet potatoes. A friend served sweet potatoes cooked with peppers and they...

    25 Ridiculously-Good Red Potato Salad Recipes

    Potlucks and potato salads go hand-in-hand. Bring one of these stars to your next get-together.

    Our Best German Potato Salad Recipes

    If you don’t already have an heirloom German potato salad recipe handed down to you, then take one of ours....

    Cleo’s Potato Salad

    1 review

    My mom, Cleo Lightfoot, loved cooking all kinds of different recipes, but her favorite meal was one she made when...

    Sweet Potato Panzanella

    This is my favorite lunch dish during the fall season. Every bite is filled with flavor and texture, but it...

    Honey Mustard Red Potato Salad

    3 reviews

    This summer cookout star is crunchy-delicious with a brilliant zesty dressing. —Brittany Allyn, Mesa, Arizona

    Spicy Cajun Potato Salad

    7 reviews

    Here in Louisiana we have a lot of get-togethers, and if you want your dish to be chosen over all...

    Tropical Sweet Potato Salad

    1 review

    I had an abundance of sweet potatoes, so I put them to work and came up with this sweet and...

    Sicilian Potato Salad

    6 reviews

    Fresh basil is the star of this mayo-free, Italian-inspired take on potato salad. —Sue Falk, Warren, Michigan

    Hash Brown Potato Salad

    2 reviews

    Frozen hash browns pare down prep time for this quick mayonnaise potato salad from Myra Innes of Auburn, Kansas. "It's...

    Crunchy Potato Salad

    Dill and mustard pep up the tangy dressing that coats this combination of crunchy vegetables and tender potato chunks. We...

    Warm Green Bean & Potato Salad

    6 reviews

    The combination of green beans and red potatoes, sometimes known as green beans Pierre, is one of my go-to side...

    Dublin Potato Salad

    11 reviews

    You may never go back to "plain" potato salad once you've tried this recipe—I haven't! Dublin Potato Salad goes great...

    Savory Dilled Potato Salad

    "When my sister-in-law shared the recipe for this savory potato salad last summer, it became an instant favorite with my...

    Ranch Potato Salad

    20 reviews

    I make this creamy potato salad with cheese, bacon and ranch salad dressing. My sister asked for the recipe as...

    Caesar Coleslaw

    If you're in the mood to bring something a little different to the cookout, here's a reliable slaw I make...

    Green Bean Potato Salad

    Meet the Cook: I have a taste for beans and find them a great companion to potatoes. A versatile side...

    Easy Overnight Pimiento Potato Salad

    1 review

    "A neighbor shared the recipe for this easy overnight salad," reports Dora Ledford of Rockwall, Texas. Tender potatoes and crunchy...

    White Ale Potato Salad

    2 reviews

    Take this one outside! My grown-up recipe uses beer instead of mayo, so you don't need to worry about keeping...

    Smoky Spanish Potato Salad

    I created this recipe for red potatoes, but fingerlings and Yukon Golds work fine, too. With artichoke hearts added, it...

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    Sugar Snap Potato Salad

    The Okay family is proud to use their harvest for meals, Gerri shares her delightful recipe for Sugar Snap Potato...

    Veggie Potato Salad

    1 review

    "You must try this recipe!" insists Michaela Greenberg of Johnston, Rhode Island. "It's a savory salad that's great for any...

    True-Blue Potato Salad

    2 reviews

    "Blue cheese makes this a deliciously different potato salad," writes Wilma Bailey of Sedona, Arizona. "It disappears fast at family...

    Grandma’s Potato Salad

    28 reviews

    Our Fourth of July feast wouldn't be complete without this chilled old-fashioned potato salad. It's my grandma's treasured recipe. —Sue...

    Creamy Potato Salad

    2 reviews

    Mildly seasoned with onion and dill, Mom's delightfully different potato salad is pretty, too, with the red potatoes left unpeeled....

    Grandma’s Creamy Potato Salad

    18 reviews

    My grandma makes the best potato salad, but she doesn't use a recipe! So I watched while she put together...