8 Spring Herbs You Should Be Cooking With

Updated: May 20, 2024

Spring is a time of renewal, both for the earth and for your kitchen. Introduce these spring herbs into your dishes today for a super-fresh take on some of your favorite meals.

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fresh spring chives
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Chives are the onion’s sweeter cousin, with a milder and fresher taste. Chives are super versatile—sprinkle them over a baked potato, stir them into crab cakes or add them to butter for a tasty spring spread.

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Cilantro has a fragrant fruity and citrusy flavor that’s perfect in a fresh bruschetta or in a zippy salad dressing. Some folks aren’t fans—here’s the scientific reason why.

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This feathery and fresh green herb adds an aromatic bite to your favorite veggie dip or egg salad. Popular in Greek and Italian cuisines, look for crisp and brightly colored leaves when shopping for dill.

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cutting basil plant


There are over 30 varieties of this plant, with sweet basil being what you’ll commonly find in stores. While we love basil in classic Italian dishes like a caprese sandwich or spaghetti sauce, why not switch it up for spring and try it in a relish with fresh strawberries (another spring produce favorite) over seared salmon?

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Particularly popular in Asian cuisine, lemongrass packs a punch, so slice it up sparingly and incorporate it into any number of dishes like this light Thai shrimp soup for a citrusy kick.

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Green fresh mint on the wooden table
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One of the few herbs that pairs just as beautifully in a dessert (try this lemon mint curd) as it does in dinner (there’s no beating this chicken dish), and even in your favorite cocktail (mojitos, need we say more?), fresh mint is a kitchen must-have. Mint has a sweet and spicy scent that is almost universally known and grows quickly in your home garden.

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Tarragon has an aromatic flavor that’s a staple in many French dishes like a fines herbes omelet or with asparagus, and in Bérnaise sauce. It is also popular infused in oils and white wine vinegars for a light anise quality.

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Don’t ignore this popular restaurant garnish—it actually has a lot of benefits! Parsley is high in vitamin K and has anti-inflammatory properties, and has a crisp and fresh flavor you don’t want to miss. Try combining fresh parsley with lemon for a savory and springy baked cod.

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