What’s in Season? Our Favorite Spring Produce and How to Cook With It

Spring is a time of renewal, and its warm weather brings along a bounty of fruits and veggies. So what's in season? Here's the produce at peak freshness.

Just because something is available in the grocery store year-round doesn’t mean it’s in season—which is when it will be at its peak of texture and flavor. Shopping at your local farmer’s market or buying direct from a farm is a great way to have an idea of what’s in season, and can result in a number of delicious recipes.

These are some of our favorite spring fruits and veggies, plus recipes you can make with each produce pick.


Asparagus is extremely versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways, from sautéed to steamed and grilled to roasted. These crisp and sweet stalks are sure to be a springtime favorite.

What to make: Asparagus can be so much more than a side. Dress them up with turkey as roulades or as a quiche with mushrooms and mozzarella.

Our favorite asparagus recipes.
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This trendy alligator-skinned fruit is a nutritious superfood that’s high in heart-healthy fats, loaded with fiber and potassium and perfect any time of day.

What to make: We’ve all heard of avocado toast by now, but what about incorporating them into a fruit salad or stuffing them with a crab filling?

Amazing avocado recipes.
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There are so many varieties of cabbage available in the spring. Make sure when picking one up that it feels heavy for its size, but don’t worry if the outer leaves don’t look great; there are plenty more inside.

What to make: Whether grilled on their own or wrapped around ground beef and rice in an old-fashioned roll, cabbage is an unexpected addition to your spring dinner table.

Best-ever cabbage recipes.
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This distinctive leafy green is dense in nutrients and popular in Mediterranean cooking.

What to make: Chard is versatile and can be tossed with linguine as easily as it can be the center of attention in a side dish. (Psst: It’s also amazing when pickled!)

Chard recipes you've got to try.
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These umami-packed morsels are high in antioxidants across the board, from shiitake to portobello.

What to make: Versatile and available in so many varieties, prep them for a spin on bruschetta or for breakfast.

Savory recipes for mushroom lovers.
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The season for spring peas is short but glorious, and throwing them into any number of dishes can provide a delicately colorful touch.

What to make: Show off their sweet freshness with a spring pea and radish salad or enjoy a rice pilaf.

Fresh ways to use sugar snap peas.
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