9 Healthy Birthday Treats for the Classroom

Updated: Feb. 18, 2024

When it's your time to take in classroom treats, turn to these fun and healthy birthday treat recipes that will make everyone smile.

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PB&J Bites

Egg-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

These PB&J bites are fun to make and fun to eat! Make the bites even healthier by using jam and peanut butter with no added sugar. —Kelly Ward, Stratford, Ontario

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Lemon-Apricot Fruit Pops

Dairy-free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free
With just 31 calories and less than 1 tsp. sugar per serving, this is one light and refreshing dessert everyone can find room for! —Aysha Schurman, Ammon, Idaho
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No-Guilt Brownies


Yes, you can watch what you eat and enjoy treats, too! These healthy brownies are lower in fat, calories and sugar than standard brownies making them the perfect cure for serious chocolate cravings. —Rita Ross, Delta, Ohio

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Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies

Only four ingredients and one bowl are needed for these healthy peanut butter cookies. If you want to make this recipe gluten-free, make sure the oat bran is made in a certified gluten-free facility. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Layered Yogurt Pops

Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free
My kids love homemade ice pops, and I love knowing that the ones we make are good for them. These pops are low in calories and are stuffed with fresh fruit! —Shannon Carino, Frisco, Texas
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Banana Bread Snack Cakes

Dairy-free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free
This cake doesn’t need any frosting—just a dusting of powdered sugar. Guests are always amazed that it contains no eggs or dairy!.—Denise Loewenthal, Hinckley, Ohio
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Frozen Watermelon Lemon Cream Tarts

Egg-Free, Gluten-Free
These fruit tarts are so refreshing! They are low sugar, contain 4 grams of protein and just a few ingredients which means they’re easy to make, too. —Bethany DiCarlo, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Almond-Pecan Date Truffles

Dairy-free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free
My daughter and I came across a date candy recipe when she was learning about ancient Egypt and knew we had to try to make our own. Instead of using added sugar or syrup, these treats are sweetened by just the dates and apple juice! —Lori Daniels, Beverly, West Virginia
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Chunky Banana Cream Freeze

Dairy-free, Egg-Free, Gluten-Free
Everyone loves ice cream, but we all know it doesn’t make a great school treat. Until this! With its sweet banana-almond flavor and chunky texture, this appealing banana peanut butter “ice cream” is a crowd-pleaser without heavy cream or dairy. —Kristen Bloom, Okinawa, Japan