10 Christmas Cookie Packaging Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Find unexpected ways to gift Christmas cookies this year.

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You’ve already taken the time to bake a batch of beautiful Christmas cookies. They deserve to be wrapped up in an equally beautiful package! With some of these options, friends and loved ones will know right away they’re getting a package of cookies, but with others, it will be an unexpected treat! Not sure what to bake? Start with our Top Christmas Cookies.

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Taste of Home

Stacked cookie tins

Cookie tins are a go-to for delivering sweet treats to friends. You can make the presentation a bit more special by stacking tins together. A simple color scheme like white and gold looks especially nice. Don’t forget to finish it off with some twine and a tag.

Cookie Recommendation: Candy Cane Cookies

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Taste of Home

Make a DIY decorating kit

If you know the recipient and their kiddos love to decorate, don’t gift completed cookies. Instead, give them a cute cookie decorating kit. Use one of our favorite cutout cookie recipes and bake them up. Deliver them along with some cute sprinkles, candies and a tub of frosting for a fun holiday activity.

Cookie Recommendation: Decorated Christmas Cutouts

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Taste of Home

Upcycle an oatmeal container

Don’t toss that oatmeal (or cornmeal or breadcrumb) container yet! You can clean these containers out and wrap them in decorative paper. Then line them with tissue or waxed paper and fill them to the brim with tasty cookies.

Cookie recommendation: Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

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Taste of Home

Wrap up slice-and-bake cookie dough

Slice-and-bake cookies are some of our favorites, and they’re easy to pack up. Just wrap up the logs of cookie dough in waxed paper, then wrap them candy-style in crepe paper or tissue. Tie off the ends with fluffy yarn or ribbon and you’ve got an adorable treat. Don’t forget to include the baking directions written on the outside.

Cookie Recommendation: Lemon Slice Sugar Cookies

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Saran wrap cookie packaging idea
Taste of Home

Repurpose a box of plastic wrap

When you finish a roll of plastic wrap, aluminum foil or parchment paper, save the box! It’s the perfect size for holding a sleeve of small cookies. Start by removing the box’s teeth with scissors or a utility knife. Paint the box or wrap it in wrapping paper. Place a lining of waxed paper in the box, then fill with cookies. Tie tightly with ribbon or string.

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Cookie Recommendation: Date-Nut Pinwheels

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Taste of Home

Deliver cookies in a mug

Almost everyone loves to dunk their cookies in milk or coffee (these recipes were made for taking the plunge). Give your friends a vessel for dipping with a festive holiday mug filled with cookies.

Cookie Recommendation: Cherry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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stacked foil tins cookie packaging idea
Taste of Home

Stack foil tins

Place cookies in three disposable foil tins. If you can find red or green ones, even better! Top with lids and stack on top of one another. Place a piece of double-sided tape between each tin for extra security. Wrap a large ribbon around the stack and tie off with a gift tag.

Cookie Recommendation: Vanilla Butter Rollouts

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dress up a plain brown box, cookie packaging idea
Taste of Home

Decorate a plain brown box

Take a simple brown box and turn it into a beautiful gift filled with delicious cookies. Set holiday cupcake liners in the box and place the cookies inside. A large ribbon tied to the outside commemorates the occasion. If you want to go a step further, place three boxes on a simple wooden tray and give the entire package to your host or hostess—they deserve it!

Cookie Recommendation: Chocolate Gingersnaps

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Taste of Home

Dress up a Mason jar

Mason jars are the perfect vehicle for food gifts. If you’re using them to deliver cookies, dress up the outside to match your cookies. Confectioners’ sugar-coated cookies look great in a snowman jar. Chocolate cookies could look great in a reindeer-decorated Mason jar. The options are limitless.

Cookie recommendation: Russian Tea Cakes

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paper cup cellophane wrapper, cookie packaging idea
Taste of Home

Wrap cookies in cellophane and attach a cookie cutter

If you’re making cutout cookies for a friend, give them an extra gift by attaching a cookie cutter to the top of a cellophane-wrapped package. Place a few cutout cookies in a cardstock baking cup. Wrap the cup with cellophane and secure with a ribbon. Attach a cookie cutter to the ribbon, and tie the ribbon in a bow. Personalize the gift by using a cookie cutter in the shape of the recipient’s favorite animal or initials.

Cookie Recommendation: Spiced Eggnog Rum Cookies

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