You’ll Want to Ditch Your Box Grater After Seeing This Viral Cheese Shredder

Spoiler alert: It slices, shreds and grates cheese (and beyond) in seconds!

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I’m always on the hunt for buzz-worthy products that actually work. Social media platforms are my go-to for discovering trends, and every now and then there’s a viral product I can’t pass up. The internet-loved Stanley tumbler, Scrub Daddy products, candle warmer lamps—the “TikTok Made Me Buy It” list is endless. (Bonus points if I can score a deal during Amazon Prime Day!)

So, when I came across this Cambom rotary cheese grater on TikTok, I knew I’d struck gold. Viral video after viral video had nothing but praise for the magical Amazon kitchen gadget (it grates a whole block of cheese in seconds!). Not to mention the more than 14,000 glowing ratings it has earned on Amazon. But is it too good to be true? Here’s my honest review.

What is the TikTok cheese grater?

This must-have Amazon kitchen tool is a rotary cheese grater that has won the internet’s heart thanks to its unique features. Like all rotary graters, it has a handle that does the heavy lifting (er, grating) for you. It doesn’t stop there. This specific rotary grater suctions to the countertop. It doesn’t slide, fall over or move when grating ingredients, which is an incredible life saver for anyone who despises fumbling around with handheld graters. Did we mention it comes with three different attachments? It checks boxes for slicing and shredding.

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Why is it trending?

The tag #CheeseGrater has quickly generated over 168 million views on TikTok from users sharing about the fun kitchen tool. One highly viewed video from @Rachel_Meaders shows just what sets it a part: It locks in place, boasts three attachments (coarse shredder, fine shredder and slicer) and quite literally grates an entire block of cheese in seconds. The fact that it grates exceptionally fast is reason enough to add to cart. Combine that with the fact that it doesn’t budge on the countertop makes it an essential kitchen tool.

How We Tested It

cheese shredderMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

To put the TikTok rotary cheese grater to the test, I wanted to first see how well all three attachments performed with cheese. Then, I tested it with other ingredients like potatoes, cucumbers and even tofu.


With my favorite cheese blocks on deck, it was time to test the coarse shredder attachment. I cut the first cheese block into four, long rectangular pieces since one giant block was too large to fit down the chute. One hand on the handle and the other on the food pusher, I started spinning the handle clockwise. I used the food pusher to guide the cheese down the grater until it was all gone.  As expected, perfect strips of shredded cheese started falling out the chute in seconds. Some cheese got stuck in the chute as more was added to the shredder, but this just took a little extra man power on my end to keep the process going.

I also tried the slicer and fine shredder attachments with the cheese. The slicer worked okay, except that when cheese got stuck in the chute it started to shred instead of producing perfect slices. I was able to get a few slices out of it, but the coarse shredder definitely brewed the best results. The fine shredder was a bit too, well, fine for my liking.

Other Foods

cheese shredderMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

Intrigued by the slicer attachment, I wanted to see how well it worked with a cucumber. I was nervous after the cheese slicing that it wouldn’t work as hoped. Spoiler: It certainly beats using a knife to chop veggies. I used the same clockwise motion to slice the cucumber, using the food pusher as a guide. Much to my surprise, the cucumber was cut into thin slices. The cut was so thin I could never dare achieving the same consistency with a knife. I was so thrilled with the results that the slices are currently being pickled to add to future sandwiches!

Lastly, I tested cutting potatoes with the TikTok cheese grater. Just like the cheese, the coarse shredder worked seamlessly with the potatoes—in fact, it worked better. Within seconds I had a plate of ready-to-fry shredded hash browns. I also tried the slicer tool for potatoes, but the cut was a tad too thin for my liking. I prefer this attachment for achieving a fine cut on veggies instead. The coarse shredder also worked beautifully with tofu for the yummiest shredded tofu tacos.


The cheese grater disassembles beautifully when it’s time to clean. Simply detach the handle from the grating tool by pressing the attached release button. Then detach the chute by pressing the attached button on the base. Wash with warm soapy water and it’s ready for more grating!


  • Grates or shreds ingredients in seconds
  • Protects fingers from sharp blades
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Locks in place on countertop
  • Three attachments: coarse shredder, fine shredder and slicer
  • Variety of color options


  • Slice attachment works best with vegetables, not cheese
  • Ingredients can get stuck in the chute


Do rotary cheese graters work?

Yes! This type of grater is more efficient and safer, too. Unlike traditional graters, it prevents fingers from scraping against blades. They also require less elbow grease to grate cheese or veggies. Just rotate the handle and voila! Shredded cheese in seconds.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

I’m not the only one who loves this Amazon prep-tool. It has garnered over 11,000 enthusiastic 5-star reviews—here’s what others love about the product:

“I recently noticed how much better shredded block cheese is over the pre-shredded bags and started shredding manually, which I found pretty quickly is not ideal,” writes April, a verified Amazon reviewer. “I was pumped to find this little gadget and that it wouldn’t break the bank. But, like many Amazon gadgets, who knows if it’s actually going to work? This does! It suctions very strongly to the counter. We actually have sealed butcher block countertops which can be uneven, and it still has a great grip. The parts are very simple, dishwasher safe and the whole thing doesn’t take up a ton of room when storing it. Highly recommend if you want to speed up the shredding process, worth every penny!”

“Wish I had bought this a long time ago!” shares verified five-star reviewer, Brittany. “I buy Costco blocks of cheese and this cut down on the grating time so much. I did two blocks in about five minutes! It’s really easy to put together and clean. The downside is that some cheese gets stuck behind the blade, but it’s easy to clean. Definitely recommend buying and using!”

Final Verdict

Because fresh shredded cheese is simply just better, I love this rotary grater for the job. I had way too much fun the first time I used it and was shocked at how beautifully it shredded ingredients. I will say, the second time I used it I couldn’t get it to work. This was only due to human error of turning the handle away from my body in a counter-clockwise motion. Then I realized it needed to be turned toward my body (aka clockwise) and it started working again. Besides that tiny brain fart I’ve found the product to be way easier to use than any box grater or microplane. I’m never buying shredded cheese again!

Where to Buy the TikTok Cheese Grater

Cambom Rotary Cheese Grater Cheese Shreddervia merchant

The TikTok cheese grater is available on Amazon for $40. Bonus: It’s frequently discounted, so you may score an Amazon deal! Considering it grates a block of cheese in seconds and boasts functions for slicing and shredding veggies, the all-in-one tool basically pays for itself in how much time you save not having to mess with handheld graters. I actually look forward to ingredient prep thanks to this genius gadget—and I guarantee you will too. It earns my TikTok-worthy stamp of approval.

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