This Is Why Your Kitchen Needs a Bread Machine

With a handy bread machine, you can make homemade bread and other dough-based dishes in just a few hours.

Q: What’s better than bread? A: Not much!

If you love the taste, smell and texture of freshly baked bread—especially when it’s homemade—you need a bread machine in your kitchenware collection. Bread machines were all the rage in the ’90s. And if you ask us, it’s about time we revive the trend and ensure they’re here to stay!

(Almost) Everything a Bread Machine Can Do

Many bread makers on the market can make a 2-pound loaf of crusty, chewy, soft bread. The best part is that it does all the work for you. For starters, try this recipe for multigrain bread—perfect for buttery toasts and hearty sandwiches. When you’re ready to experiment with more than just the basic ingredients, you can bake up flavorful herb bread and whole wheat blueberry-nut bread.

Plus, a bread machine can do more than bake your standard loaf of bread. In fact, the possibilities are endless once you get used to working with one. It can be used to prepare countless appetizers, sides and meals, from gooey cinnamon rolls to soft dinner rolls and Indian-style naan to Belgian-style soft pretzels and every doughy recipe in between.

Most machines have a kneading function, which can be used to knead dough for pasta, pizza and much more. You can even bake a warm, moist cake in a bread machine.

Plus, bread machines cook at a fairly low temperature, making them great for preparing many dishes that can typically be made in a slow cooker. The jam function is where things can get fun! You can make (of course) jam, in addition to sauces, stews, soups, even scrambled eggs and yogurt.

The Best Bread Machines You Can Buy

Here are some bread machines that thousands of home bakers love and recommend:

Or check out our list of the best bread machines of the year.

To help inspire your creations, we’ve rounded up a few dozen tasty recipes with which you can use a bread maker. And if you’re really serious about bread making, you can also check out The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook for hundreds of recipes!

Our Best Recipes for Homemade Bread
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