We Tried the Internet’s Favorite Candle Warmer Lamp—Here’s Our Review

Candle warmer lamps are an emerging home decor trend, but do they work? Spoiler: I'm adding one to every room in my apartment—here's why.

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I’m a candle girlie through and through. You can count on me to stock up on the best fall candles, Christmas candles and popular scents for every room in my apartment. But because I burn them all day every day, they don’t last long. When I discovered the Luzdiosa candle warmer lamp on social media, it seemed like the answer to my prayers. Not only are they beautiful home decor accents, but they’re also a safer and longer-lasting way to enjoy candles.

This discovery made me wonder, are scented candles toxic? The short answer is not really (studies show burning a candle doesn’t produce an unsafe amount of potentially harmful chemicals). Still, I was intrigued by the fact that candle warmer lamps preserve candles. After seeing viral video after viral video of the Luzdiosa candle warmer lamp, I had to put it to the test. Spoiler: I’m gifting it to everyone on my Christmas list—here’s why.

What is a candle warmer lamp?

It’s the cutest candle accessory we ever did see! A candle warmer lamp is just like a regular lamp, except the bulb distributes heat to thoroughly melt the wax. They come in a variety of lampshade styles, but what sets them apart is the fact that they come with a candle stand and the shade hovers precisely over it. The bulb thoroughly melts wax from top to bottom, creating a nontoxic environment for enjoying your favorite candle scents.

We Tried It

Candle Warmer Lamp

A heating bulb thoroughly melts wax and distributes the candle's scent.

Why is it trending?

The tag #CandleWarmer has racked up over 105 million views on TikTok—and we can see why. People love that it’s a safer alternative to burning candles. No flames plus no potentially harmful fumes equals overall better air quality. Combine that with the fact that it actually helps preserve candles, along with its gorgeous design, and it’s clear why candle warmer lamps have won the internet’s heart. A video posted by @NatalieMarceta shows how the lamp quickly transforms her kitchen into a cozy getaway. It was enough reason to convince me to finally get the lamp.


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How We Tested It

Candle Warmer Lamp with Dried FlowersMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

My candle warmer arrived in January 2023. I carefully unboxed it and removed the Styrofoam encasing. Much to my delight, it came with not one, but two light bulbs. The glass lampshade looked just as stunning in person as it did on social media. I cleared a spot on my nightstand, plugged it in and grabbed a fresh candle from my collection.

The candle I initially tested the lamp with was quite tall, so I was immediately worried it wouldn’t fit on the stand. Luckily it did, leaving just enough room between the lampshade and the rim of the candle. The cherry on top is the lamp’s dimmable light switch. I turned it to the middle brightness setting and let it work its magic.

After an hour, I returned to the bedroom to check if A) the wax had melted or B) the scent was noticeable. Immediately upon walking into the room, it was filled with a caramel-y aroma from the pumpkin spice candle. And the wax turned to liquid. Success! The cozy glow from the candle inside the dark room was gorgeous. I never took the time to buy lamps for my nightstands, so it was the perfect, ambient addition to my decor.

Honestly, I was shocked to discover the wax had actually melted. I imagined it would release the candle’s aroma just like a flame would, but I didn’t expect the wax to turn to liquid. Since my initial test, I’ve moved the candle warmer from my nightstand to a cozy nook next to my favorite cookbooks on my kitchen counter. I leave it on while working from home and as I unwind in the evening. Lighting is everything when it comes to creating cozy spaces, and my candle warmer lamp is just the trick.


  • Thoroughly melts wax
  • Nontoxic
  • Preserves candles
  • Aesthetic ambient glow
  • Beautiful glass lampshade
  • Electric
  • Light is dimmable
  • Comes with two lightbulbs


  • Because the lampshade is made of glass, it may shatter when dropped or while moving if not packed properly


before and after wax melted using a candle warmerMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

What is the purpose of a candle warmer lamp?

Whereas setting fire to the wick burns through wax quickly, a candle warmer lamp uses a heating bulb to slowly melt wax from the top down. As the candle warms, the scent is released throughout your space. Thus, making it a safer way to enjoy your favorite scents while making them last significantly longer.

Do candle warmer lamps work?

Yes! The heating bulb thoroughly melts wax. It’s a slower process than burning a candle with a flame, but it produces a safer way to enjoy scented candles.

Are candle warmers better than burning?

Yes, candle warmers are much safer than burning. Open flames can create toxic fumes and soot no matter what type of candle is burned. Warmer lamps thoroughly melt the wax without producing toxic fumes.

What type of candle warmer is best?

The best candle warmers double as home decor thanks to a gorgeous lamp shade and stand to set the candle on. Many options also have a dimmable light for easy adjusting. With so many beautiful options out there, finding the best one depends on your style preference.

Final Verdict

Since January 2023, I’ve used my candle warmer lamp daily and can confirm it has held up beautifully. Despite the glass shade breaking in a cross-country move last summer (to be fair, it was due to my poor packing skills, not the candle warmer lamp’s construction), I immediately ordered another one because I couldn’t live without it.

Not only are my candles just as fragrant with the lamp as they are when I set fire to the wick, but they last significantly longer—if not forever. I’ve been warming the same candle for almost six months and the wax is still at the rim. It makes me want to invest in expensive soy candles since I’ll be able to enjoy them forever, thanks to my candle warmer lamp.

Where to Buy a Candle Warmer Lamp

We Tried It

Candle Warmer Lamp

The lamp melts the candle in a non-toxic way without the use of an open flame.

Ready for all the cozy vibes? The Luzdiosa candle warmer lamp is available on Amazon where it goes for around $55. Similar options are available on Etsy, Walmart and Wayfair, but we’re with the social media fans when we say the Luzdiosa candle warmer lamp is unmatched. Plus, it makes a show-stopping holiday gift.

It’s a home decor accent and candle melter in one—and the glass lampshade is too gorgeous to pass up. Considering it makes candles last longer, it pays for itself in the long run. Grab your favorite luxe candle and get ready for a cozy ambient glow all. day. long.

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