‘Jarcuterie’ Is by Far the Cutest Cheese Board Trend You’ll See All Year

It's everything you love about charcuterie boards, bundled up in one convenient package!

Listen—we love some good charcuterie over here at Taste of Home. They’re beautiful, delicious and basically the perfect finger food for any social gathering. Not long ago, we shared this pumpkin board for the spooky season, and we’ve got an adorable snowman cheese board ready for the snowy season. We can’t get enough!

Of course, we’re all trying our best to be safe with social distancing. This genius new take on charcuterie, dubbed ‘jarcuterie,’ means everyone can share a delectable cheese board without having to reach hands in the same place.

What Exactly Is ‘Jarcuterie’?

It’s basically everything you already know about charcuterie packaged into a convenient, portable container. While we all so desperately wish we could safely go back to sharing that big ‘ol board of savory goodness together, we have to be aware of the health and well-being of our loved ones first. That’s why this new method is so gosh darn amazing!

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Really the only thing you DEFINITELY need is a jar or container of some sort to pack all your goodies into one place. Other than that, you can mix and match food items to your heart’s content just like any other snack board.

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Start off with some Brie and Gouda, gently place some butter crackers on the sides and layer with nuts and grapes. Put some prosciutto on a skewer and fill with your favorite blueberry goat cheese. The possibilities are endless!

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You can even skip the savory and go for candy, baked goods and sweets. Talk about the perfect treat to share!

How to Share ‘Jarcuterie’ with Your Loved Ones

While we may not be getting together for the holidays like we used to, that doesn’t mean we can’t connect virtually. Simply build a jar for each one of your loved ones (fit to their tastes, of course) and leave it on their doorstep. Once everyone’s set, you can enjoy each other’s company with a Zoom call, delicious food and a whole lot of love!

Homemade Crackers for Your Charcuterie Jar
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