11 Kitchen Tools That Are Too Much Fun to Pass Up

These fun kitchen tools do more than cook up a smile—they'll make your kitchen chores a bit easier, too.

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Spill-proof Lid Lifter for Soup Pot 6 Pack, Kitchen Tools Lid Stand Heat Resistant Holder Keep The Lid Open, Great Cooking Helpers and Decoration
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A Team of Lid Lifters

Will a watched pot boil if you’ve got these colorful lid lifters helping you watch it? We’re guessing yes, and this heat-resistant team of six will help keep it from boiling over. They’re perfect when you need to keep a lid on things while whipping up a tasty pasta dinner.

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Egg Separator

This funny fish definitely gets the yolk away from the white. Just place it over the yolk of a cracked egg and give a little squeeze to swallow it up. Use the whites to make everything from angel food cake to meringue. (The yolks you set aside will go swimmingly in an Eggs Benedict Casserole.)

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Spoon Saver

“Hug Doug” will hold on to your spoon for dear life so you won’t lose it in a delicious pot of homemade soup. His adjustable, grippy silicone arms will wrap around a range of utensils to keep them from sinking—and keep spoon splatters off your counter. You’ll love one of these grapefruit spoons, too.

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Kitchen Gizmo Volcano Microwave Cleaner - Thoroughly Cleans your Microwave in Minutes with this Fun Erupting Volcano - Purple
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Microwave Steam Cleaner

You’ll lava your squeaky-clean microwave with this handy volcano-shaped steam cleaner. Just add water and vinegar, and run the microwave for 5-8 minutes. Even the splatters from this 15-Minute Meatloaf will wipe right off.

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Roasting Sticks

This 5-pack of color-coded telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks will keep you on top of your s’more game without being on top of the bonfire. Use them to put together these decadent caramel s’mores and make your family happy campers.

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Scrub Daddy - Original Temperature Controlled Colored Scrubber - Scratch-Free & Odor Resistant - 6 Count
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Smiling Scrubbers

These scrubbers are more than just cheerful. Scrub Daddy sponges change texture depending on water temperature. Soak them in warm water for gentle cleansing and cool water for serious scrubbing—like for last night’s empty pan of lasagna after your family makes it disappear. Plus, they have different editions for special occasions too, like Halloween and Christmas!

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Shape+Store Master Meatball Making Tool, 32 (1 oz Each), Deep Blue
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Meatball Shaper

Making uniform meatballs is a breeze with this colorful meatball shaper. Your meatballs will store neatly and cook evenly when you’re ready to heat up any of our marvelous meatball recipes. (Not in the meatball mood? You can use the shaper for cookie dough, too!)

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Joie 49014 Oven Rack
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Oven Pull

Despite his terrified expression, this heat-resistant oven rack grabber will be there every time you reach for a hot baking sheet. He’ll protect you from a potentially nasty burn. What a guy!

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Suck UK SK BOPIRATE1 Pirate Beer & Wine Bottle Opener | Waiter's Friend Stainless Steel Bartender Tool | Corkscrew/Foil Cutter & Keychain, Multicolor
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Beverage Buccaneer

This bottle opener is designed to look like a peg-legged pirate armed with a corkscrew, plus an easy-open lever, foil cutter and beer bottle opener. And it’s a great excuse to talk like a pirate when whipping up one of these cocktailsArggh.

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Fred BEAR HANDS Oven Mitts, Set of 2
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Oven Mitt Paws

These brown bear insulated oven mitts are perfect when there’s something hot and savory in the oven that you need two hands to handle—like a hearty sheet pan supper. Feeling chill? They also come in polar bear.

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Dino Tea Steeper

A comforting cup of tea will never be extinct, and this set of dinosaur loose leaf tea infusers will add some flair when you’re brewing the Queen’s favorite tea. Note: these colorful herbivores work best with medium or large leaf tea.

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